Natalia Rodina

Anomaly researcher
Modern theologist
Bioenergy therapist
Spiritual Master

Natalia Rodina

"Dear friends, I want to share with you all that I can do, all of my knowledge. Each of you has limitless potential hidden in yourself. We are perfect by nature, and life is given to us in order to discover this ability for perfection. Cast in the image of the Creator, we have been given and possess all the functions and abilities to be happy. My task is to help you unlock the opportunities from within, so you may make the happiest life possible. I want to teach you to believe in yourself, how to manage all aspects of your life, and show to you that with hard work, faith and never ending quest for knowledge, you too may live a happy and fulfilling life. Yours truly Natalia Rodina "

Natalia Rodina

spiritual development

health recovery

personality development

unlocking superpowers

overcoming techniques

harmony in life

negative energy protection

In this short video Natalia Vladimirovna Rodina introduces herself.

She explains her mission as a psychologist, modern theologian, researcher of the abnormal phenomena of human mind, parapsychologist, founder and head of the Personality Development Center, corresponding member of the Ukrainian Academy of Technological Science. Natalia is also a current member of the Association of non-traditional treatment methods, healer and bioenergy therapist, medium, spiritual teacher, mentor and author of many remarkable books and programs. The following video is an introduction for those people, who would like to learn the wonders that Natalia Rodina has to offer. We invite you to meet this unique person!




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