At the present time Natalia Vladimirovna Rodina carries out her activities in many cities and countries. The beginning of her widespread popularity was the many cases of "magic" healing of hopeless cancer patients and intractable cases of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and similar practically incurable diseases during the period when Natalia Vladimirovna practiced as a bioenergy therapist.


Over time, a method was built that allows patients to overcome their diseases on the basis of awareness of the causes of the problem and the elimination of its negative matrix by using special practices selected individually.


This is how a system of teaching people arose within the framework of the general development of consciousness on the basis of high Spirituality and modern scientific knowledge, which makes it possible to provide assistance not only to individual patients, but at the same time to a whole course of students.



As a logical continuation, this technique formed the basis for the creation by Natalia Rodina of the PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT CENTER at the Academy of technological sciences of Ukraine. 

Nowadays, more than ten thousand people from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Canada, the USA, Italy, and Great Britain, have been trained at the Natalia Rodina Center. 


The knowledge gained at the Center gives a person the opportunity not only to heal his body, rejuvenate and receive additional sources of energy, but also to discover potential superpowers in himself. 


Education has the form of stages of education (zero, first, second, etc. course), is designed for many years and does not have a final stage, since the knowledge of the world is infinite!


As a full member of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine, Natalia Rodina already within the framework of academic programs, continues to explore the nature of human, his psyche, internal interactions of subtle energies, the structure of the Universe and the entire Universe. 

Based on these studies and the achievements of modern sciences, she is constantly improving her system, filling it with new knowledge, practices, various developmental courses.

She maintains creative and friendly relations with many famous scientists, researchers from around the world, whose works are the most advanced in the field of understanding the world and human.


On regular trips to cities, Natalia conducts courses on the development of consciousness, free seminars, acts on television, meets with schoolchildren and students in the framework of thematic lectures, takes part in various international conferences dedicated to human development and knowledge of the Universe.



With Petr Petrovich Gariaev, academician,

author of the «Wave genetics» science section




With Alexander Semenov, President of the Association

«Ecology of the Unknown»