The basic development course Energy of a New Life


The basic course provides the foundation for managing your life, energy, and health.
It gives you the unique and most necessary knowledge now - how to manage yourself and the events of your life.


The program of the course, like other courses of the Personality Development Center, was developed by Natalia Rodina based on her more than 20 years of research in the field of various scientific and spiritual directions, psychology, medicine, quantum physics, and human subtle energies.


This is teaching spiritual development in a modern way – as a modern science about the subtle energies of a person and the possibilities of managing one's energy, health, emotional state, as well as one's consciousness and subconsciousness, about the ability to consciously form one's reality, solving both internal and external difficulties.





The basic course is the concentration of higher knowledge and special practices aimed at:


 - development of human consciousness and energy resources;

 - help in solving all important life tasks;

 - restoring the health of the physical organism;

 - understanding the origin of man, his device, tasks, and purpose of life;

 - understanding the world order (life not only on Earth but and in general the device of the Universe and our interconnections with it, the evolution of man in Space);

 - determination of the path of spiritual development of man;

 - disclosure of the spiritual (energy) nature of man, his hidden superpowers, and development opportunities.


The course provides the foundation for further spiritual growth, the development of new abilities and capabilities to manage yourself, your health, and your life.


The course program includes:


- control and restoration of health;

- restoration of psycho-emotional state;

- work with human energy fields;

- solution of material problems and life difficulties;

- elimination of negative energy influences;

- the general idea of ​​the structure of the Universe, the place of man in space, and the evolutionary tasks of mankind;

- human races and DNA features;

- hierarchy of spiritual personalities (supreme beings) who help people in development and spiritual growth;

- disclosure of information about the supreme personality who was embodied in the man Jesus Christ, as well as about the true essence of the goals of his embodiment on Earth and the main meanings of his teachings;

- explanation of the process of death and after-death experience;

- parallel worlds;

- basics of managing your reality (the formation of life events).

Every day the course provides theoretical knowledge and practice (sacred energy methods).


And Natalia Rodina also works with everyone the participant individually, restoring the psycho-emotional state and physical health, harmonizing the consciousness and energy state of all subtle bodies.


To become a student of the course or ask questions call or write us: +380965056210 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)




 - the course is intended primarily for people striving to cognize the world and themselves as an integral part of the universal creation of the Higher Mind, the Creator! 
 - for people who want to make their life harmonious, find their own path, and develop their awareness. 
 - also, for people looking for answers to the questions of why we live, what is the purpose and meaning of life.

 - for those who are not afraid to change their lives, to overcome life difficulties. work on yourself, for the sake of your own happiness and the good of yourself, your family, and the whole world. 
 - for those who understand that everything starts with themselves, that the person himself is the creator of his reality. Who is ready to learn, gain new knowledge, expand the horizons of their understanding and worldview to create their life consciously, in happiness and harmony. 

There is a selection for the course: 


Not everyone can attend training.
After applying, you must pass the selection (remotely). Natalia Rodina assesses the internal readiness of each person for this knowledge and practice.





Like all Natalia Rodina's programs, the course is designed for the maximum effective result individually for each student.

Natalia conducts an individual energy attunement for each listener (to work with sacred energy practices).

In the course of the lessons, Natalia Rodina helps each individual to fully understand all aspects of the programs and quickly put things in order in the most problematic life issues, as well as personally restore energy and health and fill each student with her energy!

Therefore, you can participate in the course only by attending classes online (we do not send records of courses).


Course duration:

5 days (from Mon to Fri) for 3 hours each lesson.

Now training takes place only ONLINE.


The cost of the course is $270 / 250 €


To become a student of the course or ask questions call or write us:

+380965056210 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram) - Olga

or by e-mail:



You can read about the structure of the whole teaching system here.