Is it useful to listen to recordings of sound waves, beats via Internet?


A question from a viewer: “There are different sound waves and frequencies for meditation on the Internet – alpha waves, beta waves, binaural beats. Can we listen to them? What sound waves are considered divine? I read the information that they cleanse, but other sources say that they destroy organs, that this is a psychotropic weapon. How to figure it out? "
Natalia Rodina replies:
"Both are correct. And that, and that is correct. After all, what is a wave – this is energy and information that creates sound vibration, this vibration is perceived by your auditory nerves, your brain perceives and reproduces certain states within you. That's what it is. You receive these waves every moment, every minute.
Yes, psychotropic weapons have also been created, which, through low-frequency vibration, the emission of low-frequency sound, create a certain influence and impact.
Yes, this is all there too. But the people around you also create waves. This is also the vibration that you perceive. In principle, in such an illusory world like this, much is destruction for a person.
But in order for you to be stable, and to perceive and even process a low frequency, convert it into a high one (and you can do this, thanks to your awareness, thanks to your consciousness), you need to learn how to work with high-frequency spiritual practices.
For this, you have to study and devote a period of your life to this, my friends. It cannot be like this: you pass some course, then you forget about it, it worked or it didn’t work, no matter.
You need to put everything aside, because there is nothing more important than this, and to do it, take it seriously, work with it seriously, tune in to a new energy wave and frequency, learn to transform low frequencies and vibrations and be always in this state. Otherwise, you are all subject to this influence and impact. And you have no protection methods.
In order to obtain these methods of protection, I first prepare you for this. And only then, and only for those who are ready, I give it. But it is also not a fact that you will take it and go and fly straight to heaven. Some people used it for some time and that's it.
I have not yet met a single person in my entire life who would become a spiritually enlightened person only by reading information and performing some kind of practice, meditation via the Internet. I do not meet such people. And why?
Because only part of some information is given on the Internet. But the most important thing is always given to you by the master personally - by tuning you energetically, teaching you the abilities that he himself has, and helping you.
Yes, there is a lot of good, useful information on the Internet, and a lot is written about these waves, also by scientists. Now the era of wave sciences and technologies has come, soon they will not be treated with pills, but with wave effects. Devices have already been created, mechanisms for treatment with such waves have already been created.
Of course, science has come very close to this, but man is lagging behind in this. People also need to develop and expand their capabilities. Therefore, using information from the Internet, be prudent, wise, feel with your soul how much it is either right or wrong, illusory or true."
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