What is the Ego and how does it affect us?


The ego is the very process that creates obstacles for you both in your life and in your development ways. And this is especially dangerous at the initial stage of training, because the Ego does everything to lead you off the right path, and return you back to the path of suffering, problems, and diseases.

Without learning how to cope with it, a person, as a rule, cannot advance further in his development and change his life for the better.


The ego creates destructive thoughts, negative emotions, and even life situations for you, imposes making wrong decisions, creates conflicts, and much more. And most importantly, it weakens your faith in yourself and in your divine nature.

To learn how to neutralize it, in addition to general basic practices, you need to understand all the subtleties of the Ego's work, you need to learn how to recognize its influence on you, what hooks it grabs you, how it provokes you, how it deceives you, what illusions it creates and much more.

This is what a special course is for. Special knowledge and practice will help you learn how to weaken and neutralize the Ego, how to become stronger than the Ego and get those results in a life that you strive for.

For this, I provide the course "Disclosure the Ego Nature" for my students. After it, you feel relief, your souls open up and throw off the shackles of selfish destructive programs. Without this stage, further spiritual development is impossible. This is one of the most essential "medicines" for your soul and consciousness.

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