If I want to learn to love, how to learn it?


Natalia Rodina replies: That's great question! What if I tell you that you don't need to learn this. You don't need to learn to love anyone, because you, your nature – this is the love that you are going to learn. You have nothing to learn! You just have to love – love everything, love everyone, love everywhere, breathe and love, think and love, dream and love, do and love. You need to love through every expression, even through the state, which you consider unworthy, undeserving of love. But each of you consists of love, and you do not need to do anything for this – you just need to be it.

Yes, my friends, just be that love of which you are. Your true nature is the love of the Creator.

Everything is based on it, everything is created by it, everything is manifested by it – by the light and love of your soul. It is love that will conquer everything.


It is love that is the engine of progress. It is love that is that eternal state of life of which you are the nature. And for this you don't need anything – just be yourself. The most serious problem of society is that they have forgotten that they are this love.


They are made to forget. Fear, aggressiveness, depression, hatred, anger, envy, and greed are imposed on them. You are made to feel who you are not. You are not envy, and envy is not yours. And malice is not yours, and selfishness is not yours. It’s not all of you. You are love. So, feel it right now. Right now, looking at everything that surrounds you, love and appreciate for being alive, you live, you breathe, you see, you show love.


I wish you happiness, friends! Happiness can only be in love. Feel it every moment. And no one will forbid you to live differently.

You are love. You are the light of life. So be it for eternity!



Author: Natalia Rodina


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