How do thoughts affect our health and relationships?


The question from a viewer: “How does the power of thought affect our body, our health, and our relationships with others?"


Natalia Rodina answers:


“When you start thinking good thoughts, strong thoughts, conscious, correct, pure, joyful, the vibration of these thoughts is filled with high frequency, high energy. This energy through your mental body enters the mental body of your cells, and creates a high energy potential there, due to which the cells are renewed and restored. And due to new times, the process of body recovery is accelerated.


When a person begins to think: "Everything is bad, I am afraid of this, the other, someone spoiled me, I am lonely, etc." - these are also thoughts and also vibrations, but of a low frequency, which also creates a destructive process. They not only do not fill cells with light, but cells must produce light, energy for life, light that cleans, renews, and restores them, and gives birth to new cells.


So, when a person thinks bad thoughts, he burns his energy to think them. Thus, his immunity falls, infections are activated and diseases arise. And this process is also accelerated due to the process of the Quantum Transition, do you know? Since in this Quantum Leap, all processes of a person's inner state have accelerated, and, by the way, my friends, will accelerate even more.


Now those people who have time to jump on this train, who will learn to control their inner processes, their emotions, and thoughts, will go further. Those who do not have time or desire and will to do this will be destroyed. Unfortunately, but it is true. They will destroy themselves.


So, your thoughts are very important. You control your internal states, your health, and all the processes of your life with your thoughts, even if you don’t know about it. You do it unconsciously or consciously. And your task is to learn to do it consciously and create a happy and healthy life for yourself and for the whole world. That’s what I teach you in my courses, this is exactly what we do in our conscious community!


So, the first steps are to learn to control your thoughts and emotions, to think only constructive, kind, and pure thoughts, and thus to create a constructive and harmonious reality!


Author: Natalia Rodina


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