Rodina Natalia

Psychologist, modern theologian, parapsychologist, bioenergy therapist, medium, researcher of anomalous phenomena of consciousness, current member of the International Association of Non-Traditional Methods of Treatment, Academician of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine.

Natalia is the founder and the head of the PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT CENTER the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine.

Education: Master Degrees in economy, psychology and special medical degree from Kiev Medical University of UANM.

For over 20 years Natalia Vladimirovna has researched and continues to study modern theology, cosmology, wave genetics, the basics of quantum physics, astrology, psychic abilities and human abilities, ancient knowledge of sacred geometry and the techniques of medieval healers. 

In this incessant process of cognition, the best methods of different directions were collected into a single original training system, which includes the stages of the development of personality consciousness, and also gives the maximum effect of restoring human health.

At the present time Natalia Vladimirovna Rodina carries out her activity in many cities and countries.