Golden Squid


Squids belong to the group of decapod mollusks, and they are the most interesting inhabitants of the sea. Dishes with these mollusks were cooked in ancient Greece and Rome. The squid was called «winged fish» in the times of Antiquity, because it is a great swimmer. The only ones who are faster than the squid are tuna, swordfish and dolphins. Some squids, being chased, can fly out of water just like flying fish and sweep over the waves for more than ten meters.

Squid meat is very useful. It is rich in protein, which is very well absorbed by the organism. In addition, the meat of this mollusk contains taurine, which helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, to stabilize blood pressure and it also has an antisclerotic effect. Squid meat contains a very high percentage of protein, vitamins B6, PP, C, polyunsaturated fats, which has an important role in the balanced nutrition of person. Also, squid is rich in vitamin E and selenium, which remove salts of heavy metals from the organism. Squid meat does not contain cholesterol, it is lean and it is considered a dietary product. This seafood also contains iodine, which is necessary for a growing organism, as well as for the normalization of the thyroid gland. Squids are ideal for both children’s and dietary nutrition.

Squid meat is an excellent delicacy. The Mediterranean national cuisines boast with variety of squid dishes. There are several common points in cooking squids, which you need to follow, so that the meat is tender and tasty and retains its useful properties. Squid fillets are defrosted either in air or in cold water with a slight addition of salt, after which the skin is removed. In order to not let the squid fillet to shrink and become stiff, you need to beat it on both sides. You should also remember that squid meat does not require a long heat treatment, because under too long cooking or roasting it quickly loses its flavor and nutritional properties. The average time of such treatment for squid meat is 3-5 minutes.

Squid fillet: 500 g.
Hard cheese: 100 g.
Eggs: 3 pcs.
Corn flour: 10 tablespoons.
Soy sauce: 1 tablespoon.
Lemon: 0.5 pcs.
Lean oil for frying.
Salt, pepper and seasonings for fish.

Cut the squid fillets into equal pieces (photo 1) and marinate it in lemon juice with soy sauce and spices for 20 minutes (photo 2, 3).

Shake the eggs with grated cheese (photo 4).

Wrap slices of squid in corn flour, then wrap in eggs with cheese (photo 5, 6) and spread them on a hot frying pan (photo 7).

Fry until light golden crust. Try to not overcook, so the squid will not be tough (photo 10, 11).

Decorate and serve the dish! (Photo 10, 11).