Natalia Rodina's answers to frequently asked questions


During all the time of my work, the inquisitive and developing minds of my students have asked me many different questions.

And many of these questions are very common. It is about them that will be discussed in this article. And who knows, maybe you will also find your question, and at the same time the answer to it.


And the most important and frequent questions are: Who is God? Does He exist? Where is He located? Will we be able to see Him at least sometime?


God is the Creator! And what does the Creator do? Creates. He created the Inhabited space, created the Universes, Superuniverses, worlds, and planets, created the particles of which it all consists (only everything has a different state of density and vibrations), created you and me in his image and likeness, which means that he endowed us with all his abilities, which we reveal in the process of our evolution.


On this planet, we are the Creators of our lives and destinies, ourselves. In other worlds we will again create ourselves, but at a higher spiritual level, until we become it - the God in which we live and to whom we strive.


If we consider the habitat of the Creator, then his true habitation (center) is Paradise, the Eternal Island is the largest material body in the Cosmos, but his Mind and Spirit spread throughout the Inhabited Space and participate in all processes of the Creation of reality as at the physical level and at the metaphysical level.


The Creator is everything that is created, everything is He, everything consists of his particles and Mind. He is a trinity: the Universal God the Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. The entire Cosmos and space are saturated with this triune structure. Everything that is created is the Creator because the Creator creates everything.


Will we be able to see God?


If you mean all of His forms of Creation, of course, yes. And we will see Him Himself, but only when we return in the process of development to the Paradise abode, and, as we know, all forms of life created by the Creator are reflected in Paradise. To describe God, we must know Him, and to know Him, we must become Him. This is the meaning of evolution.


But many people are afraid to even imagine this and think about it. But this is the truth, where you need to turn on logic and ask yourself: why should God create us in His image and likeness if He wanted to limit us in something? Nothing is impossible for God, and only because of this he endowed us with the ability of the Creator so that we could also reveal in ourselves the Divine that was laid in us by the Creator.


We received as a gift a planet, resources (which are twice as large as we need!), air, particles, metaphysical reality from which we choose the plots of events. Each of us has received a physical body, mind, spirit - the triune nature. But we just use it so ineptly.


The Creator manifests himself through our lives and the experience that we receive, through everything created in the Cosmos. The Creator manifests himself, and this is what He is. Of course, what has been said is not enough to describe God, He must be cognized.


Very often I am asked, where do I get my knowledge from?


Knowledge is in your Soul, it knows everything about you, it knows everything that the Creator knows. By opening the soul, knowledge is also revealed. But how to open the Soul? Only through love, compassion, understanding, helping other people. Only through the service and fulfillment of the Will of God.


And then people ask me, what is the will of God?


His will is for all of you to experience all the splendor and possibilities that the Creator has endowed you with. But why then does the Bible say that blessed are the suffering? And I will answer you. Apparently, it is convenient for someone that you are all suffering and sick, hungry and lonely, poor and intimidated. But this is not the will of God, but the choice of a certain group of people who divide and rule. And such people have existed at all times, and there are now.


The will of the Creator is to allow you to be free and independent even from the Creator, to become Creators yourself, this is His Will. But tell me: how can a suffering and unhappy person be blissful and joyful? This is an illusion and another deception. For many centuries, humanity has been misled. But the time has come to find out the truth. And it will triumph.


A very common question is how to choose a Teacher? How not to be mistaken?


Dear ones, I have no right to tell you who to learn from, where to go. There are common criteria by which this can be determined. There are several of them.

A true teacher is one who possesses love and forgiveness, understanding and patience, helps and cares for others. Who himself does the same, which he teaches others. A real teacher is one who continues to learn and know himself as God, who does not cheat with you but speaks the truth, who is open with his heart and soul. One who radiates Light. Here are the criteria. And you decide for yourself.


It is also often asked whether the mechanisms that I teach help everyone?


Of course, not everyone! If, for example, you come to the doctor and say: "I have tuberculosis - cure me." And the doctor tells you that in order to cure it you must at least quit smoking, but you say: "I don't want to quit smoking." How can such a patient be cured? 


Dear friends, the mechanisms that I teach you are true, and they work as an accurate clock.

But what includes them in the work in your life?

First of all, the awareness of how they work, and what happens when you practice - and this is faith in the very work of the mechanism. And if this is not the case, the mechanism does not start working. You give the activity and efficiency to the mechanism when you believe and work. But to believe, you need to know how it happens. And in order to know, you must learn, and to learn, you must overcome laziness.


And when I asked my former student (who created many deceitful sites) how many pages he read from The Urantia Book, he replied, "None." And at the same time, he undertakes to judge The Urantia Book as a source of knowledge. How can you help someone whose consciousness is full of aggression and evil, laziness and hatred, rudeness and ignorance? Here is your answer.


But those who figured out themselves, realized their mistakes, and correct them step by step, have become successful people, and God bless them even more joy and happiness!


And one more question: is there an end to evolution?


Evolution is the Path in the Eternal Process of Creation, it is eternal, but it has an ultimate goal - the Eternal Isle of Paradise. This is your abode, to which you all strive and someday return. It's all about when.


Author: Natalia Rodina



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