What are deadly sins and how to fix their consequences?


The content of the article:

1. What does the expression "mortal sin" mean?

2. Why are these vices so attractive to humans? And so strong in him?

3. How is it possible to correct vicious qualities?

4. How does the development of new light qualities come?

5. How to correct sins here in this world?


In order to answer this question, you need to understand the very form of life, the meaning of life, its idea, and the process of all evolution.

Human life, space, and everything that surrounds a person are who the Creator is, or is the opposite side of this creative plan of the Divine creative personality. So, the opposite of good, the bright plan, which is not God, is a sin. Sin is what is destructive in the creative plan of God, therefore it brings destruction and non-existence.


Sins are also called vices. These are Old Slavonic words that refer to the spiritual direction, they meant a defect, a flaw, a mistake, a violation of moral and religious norms, deserving of blame.

In fact, sins are vices. There are many of them - envy, jealousy, wrath, anger, revenge, laziness, idleness, greed, avarice, cupidity. These are internal states that exist in a person's character, in his thinking, in relation to people, to the world.


What does the expression "mortal sin" mean?


When this expression appeared in the biblical books, the intellect of humanity was more mundane. Now man has already stepped much further in his evolution. Therefore, the words that we now decipher from the biblical scriptures do not always correspond to the understanding that we have now.

So, a mortal sin is a destructive state that a person experiences in his life, performing actions, which he then experiences in his after-death experience. Sometimes mortal sin is also called "karmic" sin. This means that it is contrary to God, and for this we are responsible. If we do something bad - we get this bad both in this life (according to the law “The Creator and the creation are identical”) and, of course, in the afterlife experience - we again experience these states of mortal sins that we ourselves have created here on Earth.


Why is this happening? Since that life and this life are connected. There is a law - that which is below is similar to that which is above. It means, on a subtle level. Living life, we, performing one or another action, creating something here, prescribe information both at the physical level and also informationally and emotionally all this is created on the subtle plane. That is, at those levels we also create reality. And when we leave this physical world, we plunge into the reality that we created while living in this world by ourselves. 


Of course, if we created sins and destructions here, we will receive these destructions even after death, but already in the form of intangible space, a subtle world. This is a whole variety of states. Each person is an individual and has his own unique destiny, therefore, the post-death experience is also individual.


Why are these vices so attractive to humans? And so strong in him?


In order to answer this question, it is necessary to study the history of the planet, how life was born, how man was formed, what races were, what new genetics was introduced to the human genome. After all, genetics is the person himself, and the genes that he has are the components of his character, his external parameters, which were laid down in ancient times, more than 300 thousand years ago.

A human was formed in different states, starting with the most primitive animals.

But we also need to consider the dual form of a person. In humans, there is as a likeness of the Creator himself, and there is that animal state from which man evolved. And this dual nature "alternates" throughout life - both the divine and the low-lying find expression in humans.


This dual nature is also present in human genetics.


We must not forget that it is in genetics that the memory of past experience is found. Now scientists have concluded, having studied the human gene, that indeed the person appeared from one individual. That is, there was originally one person on the planet, from whom everything originated. And this discovery of genetics suggests that man by nature, evolving for a million years, really underwent certain mutational changes. And various states were laid in his character. And now each of us, passing on this genome to each subsequent generation, passes on the entire program that comes from this first person. Scientists have come to this now.


That is, a person has everything, all qualities, and states. But what wins in a given situation depends on the diversity of experience, on the environment, on upbringing, and of course on spiritual development. If initially kindness, compassion, and the ability to share are instilled in a child in a family, then it is these genes that are amplified. If, on the contrary, the parents tell the child: “Do not share the apple, toys in the kindergarten,” then the greed gene is activated. Although it is already present in the person from the very beginning! As well as genes for other traits. But with such an upbringing, he is strengthened and cultivated. And of course, when such a child grows up, he will not give anything to anyone, because this state will be active in him.


Now more than ever, humanity needs to think about what kind of genetics they leave behind, what kind of children they create, with what gene pool, what they bring up and grow. Because this is our future - or it will be bright, or it will be of a completely different quality than we would like. We all strive for happiness, for the improvement of life on Earth, but this can only happen when each of us takes care of it. Starting with their families. Instilling in your children and grandchildren the right qualities and inner states, realizing that they have everything. Everything is in the gene pool. But which genes will be dominant, active, and which passive, depends on upbringing. Of course, the responsibility for this lies with the parents, which is why it is so important to give children the right upbringing, especially by their personal example.


How is it possible to correct vicious qualities?


Many people are now thinking that it is possible that they will have to answer for sins and misdeeds after death. There are people who even think about how to correct these states in themselves, and understand that for this you need to work on yourself. Moreover, now there is such a situation in the world that the difficulties through which people pass also push them to search, for answers to certain problems in their life. So, people try to learn how to change themselves, change their lifestyle, find the necessary information, and thus people enter the path of development. Struggling with their pride, vanity, selfishness, people begin to work on themselves.


Yes, this is difficult work that will take many lives. Because it is not easy to overcome some vicious quality or state in oneself because working on oneself is the most difficult work. And many people need not even decades and not just one life, but many lives in order to develop new states and qualities in themselves.


So, how does the development of new light qualities come?


I came to the conclusion that this only comes through suffering. Without experiencing suffering, without knowing the reverse side of joy and happiness, it is very difficult for a person to come to this. And only through grief, suffering, through remorse, a person understands that there is something in him that brings him this suffering. And this thought prompts many people to change, to change their attitude towards people, towards themselves, towards the world in which they live. 

From this position, it is suffering that helps a person go through a certain experience and, having learned this complex experience of difficulties, cultivate a different state in himself - love, compassion, understanding, and acceptance. 

That is, having everything in himself, a person experiences everything in his life experience and the experience of suffering as well. But each person can also reveal the divine side in himself, and gain a bright, happy experience.


Is it possible to correct sins here in this world, realizing their wrongdoings?


If a person, having sinned a lot in his life, eventually begins to correct and atone for his sins, is he freed from them?

Of course, each person is individual and cannot be judged unequivocally. But there are laws in the Universe that apply to everyone. And in this case, the law of cause and effect will also work. If a person repented and realized his misdeeds and vices, then this will facilitate his further fate, but he will not be able to cancel the “retribution” for what he has already done. That is, a person will have, perhaps in future lives, but still experience difficulties, suffering, which are the consequences of his vicious actions. Although, with his repentance and awareness, a person can reduce them and also change his attitude towards them. This is how a person gains wisdom.


And of course, spiritual practices help a person in this - to quickly realize and transform destructive experiences and inner qualities, eliminate grave consequences and correct his life.


Many sources speak of saints who also endure hardship and suffering. But this holiness does not arise at one moment, a person develops it, realizing his vicious qualities. And then, having repented, a person suffers to a lesser extent, but still goes through a series of sufferings that he deserves. But already with understanding and awareness. Therefore, they also say that the saints suffer in silence.


When the human soul acquires a destructive experience in great numbers, it rushes to a higher, sacred experience. Then it takes the path to divinity, but on this path, it still receives retribution for its destructive actions. Therefore, cleansing from sins and vices does not happen in an instant, you still need to go through the path, experiencing the consequences, but already consciously accepting everything.


This is the nature of the soul - the human soul cannot come to the light without first knowing the bad, without suffering, and tired of a difficult experience. It seeks to experience everything, and only then, through a conscious choice, to aspire to the light!



Author: Natalia Rodina



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