What does the Quantum Transition bring each person?


How does each person participate in this process? Even someone who absolutely does not believe in it. What is happening during the Quantum Transition in the life of every ordinary person living on this planet?


First of all, the process of time is changing.

Time is now very fast. A reality very quickly reproduces our thoughts and desires.


And for conscious people who are trying to control their thoughts, this is a very useful process. And it quickly embodies their thoughts and plans into reality.


But for many people - unconscious - this process brings destruction. After all, they are not used to controlling their thoughts, they are often in negative and destructive thoughts - and very quickly all this is embodied in their lives.


You need to understand that reality has already changed.


Now, thanks to the Quantum Transition, the fourth dimension of life has appeared on Earth.

But that's not all.


When there was only the third dimension, the so-called Matrix was created on this planet. This is the program of the life of the collective unconscious, to which every unconscious person is connected. And each of these people receives influence from this Matrix.


Many people even ask, “Why do I always wake up in a bad mood? It would seem that I have everything in life that I have, everything, in general, is going well, but for some reason, there is no peace and satisfaction inside. Why can't I enjoy what I have in my life? "


When in the morning an unconscious person wakes up and does not know how to control his thoughts, he, due to the acceleration of time, instantly receives the programs of this Matrix.


Since the Matrix carries destructive programs and they are based on the program of separation "Divide and rule" – this is a state of isolation, when everyone considers himself isolated, better than someone, higher than someone, when everyone is constantly in a state of separation, analysis, a judgment of everything and everyone.


Due to the acceleration of time, such people are even more susceptible to the influence of the Matrix and the process of destruction that they receive in the form of programs. These programs are information waves that are perceived by the human brain in a state of unconsciousness. And these waves destroy his brain, and unconsciously for a person, without understanding how.  Such a process occurs with almost every unconscious person, who cannot control himself.


This is because on this planet, even with so many religious structures and other different structures that should have been involved in the development of people, there was still no correct spiritual development.  There were no people who could massively give this information and massively develop people. Therefore, those small groups of people, those units who were still in search, now understand what is happening, they pulled themselves together, they united, created their collective spiritual consciousness, and their thinking is already torn off from this Matrix.


And the process of spiritual growth of these few groups of people is now constantly growing and expanding. More and more people are forming this new collective spiritual consciousness. And our Center, our community is also one such group of people. Every day new people come to us who develop their spiritual consciousness with us and break away from the influence of the Matrix. And therefore it is no longer possible to influence their consciousness in any way, but only on those people who really maintain their inner vigilance, understanding everything that is happening, and control the situation. For those who work, develop awareness, work on themselves, and constantly move in this process.

It is these communities of people that create conscious consciousness on the planet.


See what's happening now.


When a group of conscious people, pure in their thinking, communicating with each other, living in one family, although they are located in different parts of the planet, still lives in a state of creation, joy, happiness, understanding, faith in a wonderful future, in a beautiful life, and creating such a life in their families, in their consciousness, in their lives – these people create wave radiation.  And this wave of light touches those people who are also in search.


Thus, my friends, people who think creatively, people who dream and think about good things, who control themselves and own the power of the light of their consciousness (and you are consciousness), people who let consciousness inside themselves – they emit light. And they fill the world with this light.  And in this way, the world comes out of this delusion and breaks away from the Matrix.  Yes, my friends, this is what happens, but only with those people who consciously live this life.


People who do not do this and live unconscious lives – in anxiety, in aggression, in depression, in hatred, in a state of isolation and separation and domination, envy, a state of inner illusion – these people also radiate. But they radiate only to people like themselves. And because of such thoughts, an explosion of destructive energy occurs, like an atomic bomb. This energy affects other people very quickly.

Scientists are already talking about this - that the power of thought has become much faster and stronger, and the release of people's thoughts makes huge changes in the reality of the world. But for most people, this process is not realized.


And at the same time, people emitting destructive thoughts and energies receive waves of the same energies for themselves - from a mass of people in the same states. And it brings them destruction in their lives - sickness, problems, difficulties, madness.


People who don’t want to do it and are already tired of madness are in search.  They find literature, they search the Internet, they find knowledge, they find teachers, they find a way out.  And thus, having embarked on the path of self-realization, self-development, self-management of themselves and their lives, they are not influenced by those people, who create processes of destruction with their thoughts. That is, they create their own collective consciousness – spiritually developed – the consciousness of conscious people.


Moreover, with their aware consciousness, they already live in other states of reality – in creative ones.  People who live in aggression, depression, anger, hatred – they have created their own world and live in their reality, filled with problems, difficulties, and diseases. Although we all live on the same planet.


But conscious people with pure thoughts, who create their lives in joy and pleasure, are those who create a new world on our planet. And it is for this that the Quantum Leap is taking place. It is these people who will continue the evolution on Earth, and they will survive all the difficulties (which are now created by unconscious people, filled with destruction and hatred).


But destructive people will leave this planet after the Quantum Transition because they do not create anything and only multiply suffering. But there is a way out for them too. It is this group of developing people who help the unconscious and the deluded. Starting with their families - by telling and showing by example. And pull them out of suffering.


Although it often takes a lot of time, it will work sooner or later. Unconscious people through such experience are convinced that we ourselves create our reality - with our thoughts. And that now our thoughts are stronger than ever, very quickly reproducing everything into reality. In this way, gradually lost people also become aware.

Therefore, thanks to conscious people, we will save this world.


How to begin?


Start with your inner state, start by controlling your thoughts, start by accepting everything that happens.  With the understanding that everything that happens is as it should be, that all roads lead to heaven.  And you will nevertheless come to the highest and best.  And situations will be given and shaped to you, thanks to which you will find the truth and become the same conscious, correct, happy, sane, and healthy person.

Believe it!  Faith itself, the inner conviction itself, now very quickly as never before, before this was not so, will very quickly create a new reality for you. 


To escape from the influence of the Matrix, you need to shine with light.  You need to master the strongest practices and techniques that will create this light within you.  You need to have a sufficient amount of knowledge that will create conviction and bright pure thoughts within you.  And thanks to this, you will not be able to be subject to the destruction of the Matrix.


Only then it will be impossible to influence or manipulate you by any psychotropic and other methods and ways.  You will be completely protected.  You will be under the auspices of the Higher spiritual forces, which to this day serve on this planet.  And they are doing everything in order to transfer this world to a new state of life, and so that in this Transition conscious people will pass, and mature, and be born, that people who with their own hands, by their choice, will create a wonderful life in the future.


These forces, these energies, these energetic beings, work in every possible way on this planet and look at us from above.  They look at who has lit the light in themselves, who is shining, who has already become this light – and such people immediately receive great attention and care.


Therefore, the Quantum Transition is stretched over time, with the goal that as many people as possible awaken so that as many people as possible move consciously into the new reality of life.



Author: Natalia Rodina



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