Does every person have a destiny?


Many ask me this question, and even many are convinced that this is the fate of them like: “It means I was born for these suffering, it means I have to suffer, I must constantly suffer, which means that there can be no good in my life.”

My friends, I do not agree with that.


When you come to life, in the next embodiment, your soul always makes a certain rethinking of its previously obtained experience, memory, and experience. It weighed all his capabilities, the level to which it was able to grow, sets certain future tasks, whatever it wanted to do here on this planet. 


Naturally, these tasks are included in the process of evolutionary development of such a soul, such a person, and people you call karmic people, and situations, events, in general, the entire evolutionary process of life, the next life, which includes the embodiment of a new person. Yes, it can be called fate.


But in addition, there is another plan for higher spiritual creatures in relation to every spiritually developing person (it is only to a spiritually developing person). And this is a plan that gives the opportunity to spiritual personalities in relation to such people, also to appoint and include in the process of this life, this evolutionary formation, also certain tasks. That is, a person needs to go through and survive certain events, certain tasks, certain states that will enable them to grow, rise to the evolutionary stage above.


Yes, it can be said that the whole space, more developed personalities, creatures of cosmic, are interested in the development of this planet and humanity. They are interested and do everything for your growing and becoming. But, my friends, there is such a law: "Freedom of will - the right to choose."


And if a person does not go into resonance with this plan, the best and highest plan, the most significant plan for a person (spiritual personalities do not create for you bad, they create all the most large-scale, great, creative, that is the best accomplishment for you ), and if a person goes correctly on this path, without going to the left or right, but it is precisely the appointed path that you call fate, then this person will have everything in gradually, right and smooth.


And even if there are some nuances, difficulties, then a person if he is a spiritual person, immediately understands why he has these difficulties, what he needs to change in life, and what it is necessary to do in life in order for these difficulties. And at the same time, he understands why they are given to him. This person will correctly evolve, develop, experience and achieve the greatest actions, vital actions on this life path.


But, my friends, there are so few such people. There are very few people. Most people on the planet are still those people who don’t develop spiritually, who absolutely don’t follow their assigned path, even if they have spiritual mentors and those careful creatures about them.  They go to the left, then right, then come back, allowing certain errors, allowing certain difficulties in their lives, making the wrong choice, making a choice in favor of fear.  And of course, such people create themselves karmic, as you call them, events that in turn create problems for them. 


But why does this happen? Who is to blame?


Ego, my friends. The ego does not allow a person to expand his intellect, to inspire his mind, his mental abilities, to connect with the Highest mind, the Cosmic Mind, and follow the correct evolutionary spiritual path. It is the ego.


Why? In that way the ego struggles for its existence, it fights for its life, it also wants to live. But since this is the structure that does not generate energy, does not recreate it, it does not have such abilities and properties to generate energy. It feeds on your energy, connecting to you. You grow this egoistic essence, that, in turn, continues to torment and excruciate you, deceive every day too many times, implementing its own plans, some tricks, because it is smart, as it is created by your mind. And thus, a person enters the wheel of karmic interactions, which leads him to suffering.


But every time I see that everything that happens in your life nevertheless brings benefit to you in the future.


As you understand now, my friends, all difficulties and troubles that you have are not a heavenly plan for you. It’s not! You create all difficulties, troubles, and problems by yourself, unconsciously, with the help of your ego.


But many people, who begin the process of rethinking, re-awareness, the process of a new life, when they come to us - they give their destinies in my hands and start living in a new way, the process of spiritual development.

And only then their difficulties, troubles, and problems are solved.


So you see that we came to the conclusion that everything that happens, all roads lead to paradise. It really is.


And even if you had troubles and suffering in your life and now you are forced to comprehend it, understand, repent, change, suffer, it means that you probably need it for your growth.


So always remember - it's never too late to start life anew, with a clean slate!

And I know for sure that this is possible, seeing the examples of thousands of my students who have overcome enormous difficulties and sufferings, and now they are living happy lives.


And with all my heart I wish this to each of you! 


Author: Natalia Rodina



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