What God did Jesus Christ call the Heavenly Father? What's His real name?


Natalia Rodina answers:

First of all, you should understand that idea about God, the Creator, the Higher Mind, creative power, the Father, about whom Jesus spoke, it used to be more primitive, I would say so. Then it was said that God actually has 72 names, and He can be called differently – Yahweh and Demiurge, etc. This is not the point. It's not about the name.


The name of the Creator, which really exists, and not one, is the name: I am. I AM that I AM. In principle, you can say so, if you understand this dictum that everything that is in the entire Cosmos, both temporary and eternal, is all the Creator, God, and the Highest Mind.


Call it all names, well, call it if you like it. The point is not in this, not in the name is the point, my friends. Not in the name. The point is understanding and realizing this power, and awakening this power in yourself. This is the essence of development! What will you call, whom you will worship – He did not want that either.


The Creator wants you, as his children, his offspring, to reveal his nature in yourself, and thus evolve and become like him. Do you understand? It doesn't matter what you call it. Many of you go to death for the sake of some name, etc. This is not necessary, this is not the point. You don't need to be a fanatic, you need to be a developed, fearless child of God, a child of the Creator, the Supreme Mind.


Look at what you have turned the very word God into! All churches use this word, all sects use this word, in the name of God they put people on a stake, tongues used to cut, quartered people before – and everything in the name of God, by the way. If the Creator really wanted this, such a reprisal, I think he would be horrified.


The Creator cannot desire this. He is the Highest Love, creative power, the Highest Intelligence, which you have to cognize and understand and for this, you have come to this world.


So, do it! Get to know yourself, reveal yourself and your divine nature! This is your purpose in this life.



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