How to Overcome Current Challenges and Suffering?


It is not easy for all of you at this very difficult time. This is the time of sifting, selection. Remember, many years ago I told you that it will be even more difficult? And now is not the limit. It will be even harder, my friends. But it will be more difficult for those who in no way can determine the direction of their life, their development.


Those people who have chosen the direction of spiritual development will survive this time calmly and easily and will be healthy. Those who have not decided will have to decide, this is just a necessity. And they will have to start the process of their evolution.


Do not think that the planet will be destroyed, that meteorites or viruses will destroy you and the planet - this is an illusion, a lie, deception, and provocation. This planet is being watched by so many spiritual beings! You are safe.


Your danger is only in your unconsciousness because then you unknowingly create a destructive reality. You create difficulties and problems by yourself, without even understanding how you are doing it. You have no awareness of how you create troubles for yourself. So, when you develop spiritually, you will understand how you create troubles and suffering for yourself, and how to make your life happy and prosperous.


Spiritual development means energy development.


Only a spiritually developed person is not afraid of anything, no destruction. He will always be stable, he will be strong in his own strength, he will be protected by spiritual personalities, and will be an integral, harmonious, healthy and sane, and comprehensively developed person.


Only spirituality can give you this, please understand this, nothing else. Why? Everything is so simple, as easy as shelling pears. Spirituality creates high vibrations, and everything is made up of vibrations. If a high vibration flows through you, and you are a conductor of these energies, know that these same high energies will protect you, do you understand? They will not allow the introduction of some low vibrations into you, which are destructive and cause illness, destruction, and suffering in you.


You must understand this. Only spiritual development gives you freedom, complete security, and complete fearlessness, a complete process of accomplishment and integrity.


Author: Natalia Rodina


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