What does "God's wrath" mean?


Why is it a mortal sin for a person to be angry, but it is possible for God? In fact, this principle was created by people artificially for intimidation, and, as a rule, people are not given true knowledge about God. A person has no idea about him, everyone has his own understanding.


It is impossible to explain in two or three phrases what God is. Everything that is around is God, in a manifested state. And for him as a person, everything simply exists for something, so that each of us has the opportunity to choose - either good or bad. And he endowed us with such ability as creators, like his children, to choose and create the reality of their lives. At the same time, without punishing anyone. That is, he does not engage in retaliation, he does not have anger, revenge, he simply chose the position of an observer and a creator - to recreate everything that we choose and observe it.


There is a process of evolution in this, just the Creator knows that someday everything will return to where everything came from. He knows the beginning of his plan and the final phase of his plan. Therefore, he allows people to "play" here in this world. Space is young, so games can now be primitive, destructive - wars, disasters, conquest on planets.


But when space is in the final phase of its development, then everything will change a lot, and evil will practically disappear, not only on this planet but in the entire space. Because the time will draw near when everything will become God, will become perfect. Then everything will start all over again, again an explosion, the emergence of new life forms, and a new manifestation of reality.


Author: Natalia Rodina



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