How spiritual personalities live?


“Dear Natalia, please tell us how spiritual personalities live? It seems to me that we will not meet them on the street, they live somewhere in a cave, they have no family since they give all of themselves to people? "

The question from Ksenia


The answer of Natalia Rodina:


You know there are different ones. There are those who sit in caves, and there are others. And there are those who have families, have children, have grandchildren, have husbands, cook food, wash floors, go to work, and are engaged in the spiritual development of mankind. With all this. Yes, friends. And they are in the majority. Why? Everything is very simple. Such an experience as here on this planet, these spirit personalities will no longer be able to get anywhere, on any of the planets. And if such spiritual persons living in a human body here on this planet, among you, in the form of people, if they reject social life without gaining experience, then they will lose a lot. After all, the most valuable thing, both for them and for you, is the experience of lived lives, the experience of a lived state.


And they also want this experience, an experience of social life, an experience of family life, an experience where you can raise your children, where you can experience life in all the beauty of the human condition. But where are they, these personalities, being for example seraphim, will be able to receive human experience? After all, they have the experience of the seraphic, the experience of the seraphim, but there is no human experience. To get a human experience, they are consciously incarnated here, on this planet, being born among you, in the form of ordinary people, as you think people, although they are initially extraordinary and very different from other people, even from childhood.


So, being born here, they walk with you your social path, your social life, the process of formation, growth, and development. But they live their lives in that way as not only to live this life with dignity but also to help you.

To help you means to lead you along the path of evolution, development, and becoming. And if they succeed perfectly well, then, earning their point, gaining experience of human life, they raise humanity, people who are ready for this uplift, one step higher, they give the opportunity to evolve these people, who have risen a step higher, into the Mansion worlds. 


And when they themselves, after leaving this planet, leaving this world, rise, return to their worlds, there they are raised one step higher. This is their evolutionary path. Therefore, you can see them, and they live among people, being people themselves.  In this life, they chose to become people among you, in order to be an example for you, in order to be your teachers, in order to fearlessly guide you along this magnificent path of evolution and development.



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