What does it mean, "the soul must work"?


Everyone understands this phrase differently, and often it is difficult for a person with a low level of consciousness to understand what the Soul is and what its purpose is.


The soul is the higher "Self", this is that immortal, true nature that man is.

Most people identify themselves with their bodies, with thoughts, with the mind, and this is a big delusion. The nature of man is not a body, his nature is Soul!


The Soul came into a biological body for its development. Its development lies in the fact that having knowledge about everything, as the Creator, she could develop and apply it in her experience. This is the meaning and purpose of each person. This is a task for everyone living on the planet, otherwise, the Soul loses the meaning of being here, in this body, because in this body, and at this third level of dimension, it has to limit itself in many ways.


But here, the human mind prevails over it, and if this mind is not developed, with coarse thoughts, then such a mind often keeps the Soul in prison, and it cannot experience the greatest experience that it would like to receive.


But if a person manages to spiritualize his mind, revealing his true nature, then such a person lives a joyful and happy life, in harmony and creation.


For this, spiritual practices and knowledge are given to humanity (the highest science about the soul and subtle energies of a human), which I teach in our courses at the Center for Personality Development.


Author: Natalia Rodina


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