Seeing deceased relatives before death: clouding of mind or reality?


Dying people often tell their loved ones that they see deceased relatives nearby, who "communicate with them." Those who have lost their loved ones know about it firsthand. 


Founder and Head of the Center for Personality Development, parapsychologist, and medium Natalia Rodina shares with us her knowledge about this phenomenon: 


 "You can talk a lot about the topic of death. This topic is interesting, it reveals a lot of secrets to mankind and removes fears of death.
After all, death is a natural process of the human body, so often deceased relatives come for the soul of someone who also leaves this world. 
They come to take a person to another dimension, to the world they are in. 

In principle, this is a natural process of human life. In fact, when people die, they return to their home. they are guests in this world, and the world that awaits them after death is their home. 

If humanity knew much more about death, there would be no fear, people would not cry, people would not suffer from the departure of loved ones. ”Death would make people understand! In my work, I try to explain this topic as much as possible, so that people do not have fear so that people understand this as a natural process of life! "



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