Interview for the online course "Clairvoyance"


From 15 to 18 February Natalia Vladimirovna Rodina will conduct a 4-day online course "Clairvoyance" for students of the 2nd level and above. In order to get on the course, you must pass a preliminary interview with Natalia Rodina.


As you already know, in order to receive such special and serious practices for the discovery of superpowers, Natalia Rodina looks at the inner readiness of students, the level of stability of the psyche, the level of developing high vibrations, how much a person has mastered his consciousness and subconsciousness, and much more.


Those who wishing to take this course contact the online tutors.


Also in early February, the course "Ego Awareness" will be held for students of senior levels (2nd and higher) – from 8 to 11 February. This is the next stage in the work of freeing from programs and the influence of the Ego. Natalia Rodina is now doing this work step by step for even greater efficiency.