Presentation of the new book by Natalia Rodina "TRUE KNOWLEDGE"


In December 2020, Vinnitsa hosted a presentation of the new book "TRUE KNOWLEDGE" and a meeting of Natalia Rodina with her students. In a festive atmosphere, our spiritual teacher and mentor shared the story of writing this long-awaited book, and the goals for which it was created.


Many students of Natalia Rodina all over the world were waiting for this moment. Now that great and unique spiritual knowledge about human nature, which she teaches in her scientific and educational Center for Personality Development, will now be revealed to all readers of the book. This means that even more people will have the opportunity to learn and develop thanks to this higher knowledge.


The meeting was filled with joy and enthusiastic emotions. The students came from different cities of Ukraine. Many of them shared their successes, new achievements and happiness, which they gained thanks to training in the center of Natalia Rodina. A particularly pleasant surprise was the performances of Natalia Rodina’s talented singers and students – Alena Grebenyuk and Natalia Lanovenko. Alena Grebenyuk also performed a duet with singer Bogdan Kireev.


Later, the students congratulated Natalia Rodina on this important event and received memorable autographs and wishes of their teacher. Joy, smiles and communication with a mentor are happy moments that everyone will remember!


On this day, there were no ordinary questions and discussions of life problems. This presentation was primarily a meeting of students with their teacher and like-minded people from different cities.


In such meetings, you can always see with your own eyes what kind of community Natalia Rodina creates and nurtures – a community of conscious people, sincere, open, and wholeheartedly striving for development not only for their own happiness, but also for the good of the whole world. Such an atmosphere of unity, love and acceptance reigned among the students of the center, as in a truly loving family!


At the end of the meeting-presentation, Natalia Rodina addressed her wishes – not only to those present students, but also to future readers, and to all people who are striving to develop and open their souls. And as always, our dear teacher shared not only her wishes, but also great love and the light of her soul!


And the book "True Knowledge" has become one of the many priceless gifts from Natalia Rodina to all people. Without a doubt, this book is an expression of her great love, care for people and desire to help each person in his development and evolution!


The book "True Knowledge" is the first in a series of books in which Natalia Rodina will reveal the true knowledge about the nature of man and the development of his abilities, laid down by the Creator. With its help, readers will receive the knowledge necessary for further development and life in a new time, for knowing themselves and their purpose. This is the highest knowledge, written in simple language, understandable to everyone.


It also contains practical guidelines and practices to help people manage their lives and their inner state, restore health or solve problems. All practices are suitable for untrained people who have never engaged in meditation, as they are very easy to use. But according to their potential, they are able to give a person great results – changes in all aspects of life for the better and the development of his inner abilities.


Therefore, the book "True Knowledge" is not just a theoretical presentation of knowledge, but also a textbook for independent work, a program of spiritual development.  She helps each reader in his path of personal and spiritual growth, guides, prompts and supports in difficult times.  Returning to it many times, practicing the meditations and advice that are described in it, readers will develop their spiritual potential, solve any life questions and get answers to their questions.



We thank our beloved teacher Natalia Rodina for this collection of great knowledge, which has now become available to all people!


(The author of the article: Dziuba Olga (learner of Natalia Rodina, psychologist)



“Everything in this book will be for your benefit and your well-being. 

It does not matter when this book falls into your hands (in this century or in another),

I will try to do everything and write it down so that you find what you are looking for. 

I send you, my dear friend, my love and patience on the path of your evolution!


Natalia Vladimirovna  Rodina "




Here you can watch a video about the presentation.




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