Three new courses in January


Three new streams will be trained in January – the basic level and two special courses.


From January 11 to 14, a new course "Ego Awareness" was held for beginners. After passing the basic "Zero" level, it is very important to overcome the resistance of the Ego, which is trying with all its might to keep a person in low-vibration states. It is especially difficult for beginners to overcome these difficulties, therefore Natalia Rodina conducted this course especially for those who completed the basic level.

The help, teacher support and new practical knowledge facilitate the further development of each student.


On January 18-21, a special course "Healing" will take place for students of all levels of education, except for the basic one. This course is the first step to mastering healing techniques, with the help of which students get the opportunity to heal themselves and help the recovery of their family. In the future, gaining the received practices, while increasing their energy level, they will be able to take the course of the Master Healer and restore health to many people.


The next entry-level stream – "Energy of New Life" will take place from 25 to 29 January. The so-called "zero" level, which provides a foundation for further learning and helps to put new students in order in their lives. Solving the problems of their daily life, restoring health and mastering basic sacred practices, they prepare for the further development of their spiritual nature.


We remind you that at present time Natalia Rodina conducts all courses online, so training is available to students from all over the world (after a preliminary interview with Natalia Rodina).