The Path to Perfection


The Path to Perfection! What is this path? Well, my dear reader, this is something that does not have any exact words to describe all the beauty and dignity of this goal, but I will still try to convey to Your heart the meaning of this task — of seeking, of movement on the Path to Perfection. This is the Path, which has a beginning, but does not have an end. The beginning is when you decided to stand out from the gray crowd and become fearless, confident in yourself and in your tomorrow; when you were fed up with the opinion of the crowd and mentors on TV, and you decided to discover another world — the world of Divine Reality. This is the beginning of the endless path — “the Path to Perfection”, the main goal of which is to achieve the heights of the Worlds and unification with Heavenly Father. This road is as long as the ages that lead us to eternity and dissolve in endless Love and Perfection!


There is a Divine plan for the development and evolution of the Earth’s humanity, a plan for the development of our Planet and for the evolution of the entire Universe and the Superuniverse. Everything is working according to this plan, and nothing will prevent its execution. However, the forces of the Universe do not interfere with the evolution of personality and the development of the individuality of any particular person. Instead, the Law “Freedom of Will is the Right of Choice” comes into action, and the person should make a decision himself — to embark on the path of spiritual development (to evolve) or indulge his animal instincts (to degrade).

Evolving means improving, fulfilling your personal plan and the Plan of the Planet according to the Will of the Father. Degrading means violating the plan. Degradation necessarily leads to suffering, diseases and self-destruction.
An evolving person discovers this world, acquires the experience that he needs so much. Improving, he reveals the abilities that every person has potential to, and after that, he perceives this world in a different way. Comprehensive and boundless love overwhelms the hearts of such people, their life develops in harmony, and suffering is going away. Persons who has decided to embark on this path are given teachers, knowledge, practices and techniques for self-improvement. If we descry at the energy level of such person, we will see that he is stable psychoemotional, calm, his mind is where the truth is born and wisdom is acquired.

Of course, this Path becomes the meaning of life and its main vector. When you are acquiring knowledge and applying it in your daily life, when you see the results of your preparation, when even your thoughts (and they are not primarily about the food) are about Eternity, then when you leave the Earth plan, you will meet another form of life – the Eternal one! In the Divine worlds, there is a restoration in a new body, which combines your experience and memory, and the person could see and feel that he is alive and that there is no death, but a transition from one state to another.

With additionally acquired 48 senses of perception, you can enjoy the delights of this incredible, endless World! Here you can learn more, develop and improve yourself. You have all the conditions for that kind of work. This is only the beginning!

Now let’s see what happens to the people who does not have the desire to evolve. Everything is very clear here! Their life is interrupted! The physical body has disintegrated, the astral body has gone into its Astral World (a world of horror and monsters), and the mental body was rolled up and now it is in a state of unconsciousness. It sleeps so deeply, that it does not have any dreams; the mental body is just unconscious. Such a person would be lucky if he still has any lives remaining for incarnations; that might mean that he will be given an attempt to take the path of evolution and perfection. But what if his all lives are gone? Then the energy of such a person is scattered, and his personality no longer exist. That is all! Why did he live and what did he gain? What did all this lead to? Such a person not only failed to fulfill the Divine plan, but he also destroyed it, which means he destroyed both himself and the world around him. Why should such a person live? At this point, I want to reveal a secret to You. The thing is that many people are living their last lives. Our Planet, according to the Divine plan, passed into a new era of development — the Spiritual Development. If a person has the potential and the desire to develop, then another life will be given to him, but if a person drink alcohol, take drugs, feels hatred, envy, excessive pride, anger, judgment, etc., then such a person is probably living his last life.

Think about it, dear reader! What would you want to achieve in this life given to you? Are you ready to change yourself for the better? The Path that the Lord offers you is incommensurably more beautiful and captivating; the Path, where in knowledge you unite religion, philosophy and science. This is inseparable, because this is the entire creation of the Father. Our world is based on these three components. In order to know the structure of our world, we must get knowledge in these three directions. Knowing the truth of world’s structure, we will understand the structure of man, which is inseparable from the world and the universe. It is said: “The Universe is inside human, and God is inside all of us” and this is a fact! There are explanations to this from the point of view of science, religion and philosophy. Dear friend, it is only your right to choose your own path! We are only offered different paths, but the choice, for which we ourselves are responsible, is up to us. We reap what we sow. I will only say one last thing: Divine persons are patiently waiting for each one of us, and then they lead you along your path, guarding and caring! After all, the status of the person living on our planet is very high; no other inhabited world is endowed with such status as We and you are. Potentially, we are co-creators with our Universal Father, and we must fulfill only his Will. Because his Will is our Will! There are many philosophies, practices, teachings, but only a few are giving us true knowledge and helping to embark on the Path of evolution and ascent to God on the Path to Perfection.