Preparation for a Quantum Transition



It has been only 10 years since they frightened us with the End of the World, now everyone is waiting for the apocalypse as the comet crash in 2024 or Earth’s Poles swap in 2038, etc.  We have already got used to live awaiting for the inevitable; the only things that are changing are dates and variants of the Tragedy. Indeed, the end is inevitable, but for each one of us individually. I mean, we all will come to our life’s end in material world, but there are many questions on how we will meet the transition to a different dimension! And the events in the increasingly frequent End of the World predictions, ranging from the frivolous interpretations of Nostradamus to the modern cataclysms that we see (tsunamis, awakened volcanoes, climate changes, changing of migratory birds routes, etc.), confirm that something is actually happening. Indeed, humanity came to very serious changes.

So what is going on?

For many centuries, humankind was developing according to the Divine plan, and the evolution of personalities had to go on along the ascending line, giving more perfect Individuals with every generation. However, there was Lucifer’s rebellion or experiment (as it is sometimes called now), which brought violence, enmity, envy and anger into the world. Love to near turned into an instinct of reproduction, and the definition of bliss is now inherently associated with material wealth. Having arrived in our world, through his life and teachings Archangel Michael (Jesus Christ) gave people the Path of returning to the route of the Development of the Divine plan… alas, after receiving the Bible, the man continued burning his own kind on the bonfires, but now he was making it in the name of God!

What have changed now? The life expectancy and standard of living have both changed. A medieval man in his twenties mastered a sword and archery, but he could not learn to read and write, so he was not capable caring about the way Universe was built. He was destined to die on some kind of war at the age of 22-23 in an era when literate people were so few that they were called sages and recorded in the annals. Higher personalities regarded such people as exceptionally harmless material for rapid continuous reincarnations and, perhaps, at least some evolutionary growth. The modern man with an average life expectancy of 55 to 65 years has such broad knowledge that he goes out of his terrestrial space and begins to comprehend the foundations of the Universe and cosmic movements! He seeks to learn the secrets of the atom and the parallel worlds; he is looking for rivals in the Cosmos and playing with the Time. This is a huge leap the development of the mind, but the spiritual development does not move so rapidly, and therefore the Higher personalities are no longer looking at modern man as an amusing simpleton, who are making ignoble mischiefs. No, they look at us as a capricious angry child with a little shovel, who is looking for adventures in a sandbox, and therefore destroying the sand palaces and structures built by others! But instead of a shovel, we have engineering genetics, quantum physics, psychotropic generators and a large hadronic collider! That means that we began to present a certain danger to the Universe!

From now on, the main task for Humanity will be the Evolution of Spiritual Consciousness, and not the general development and science! Everyone should learn to perceive the world through the Spiritual Personal Self, i.e. to feel at the Quantum level. This transition to the Quantum level is inevitable and has already begun. We have entered a new era in the development of our spirituality, and the Higher Mind has set the task for us to cleanse ourselves from evil, hatred and spiritual filth. After clearing our consciousness, we must master many methods of perception of the subtle world and matter, such as intuition and clairvoyance. We will learn to possess the power of thought and to create space. The development of these feelings and techniques will give humankind the opportunity to transfer to quantum level of perception of the world. Right now, this is a necessity for everyone living on the Planet. Those who will reject this task will be destroyed and forgotten. The organisms of the spiritually undeveloped people will be dying in their illusions of evil and hatred. People will be seeing fear and evil, the psyche of such people will not withstand the tension, and they will go crazy under the influence of the annually increasing frequency of thie oscillations of outer space (it was 8-9Hz in 1996, 10-11Hz in 2003 and 12-15Hz in 2012). Mass diseases will be striking humanity. Evil has gone beyond all the boundaries and enslaved our Planet. The destructive energies coming from evil people are destroying not only themselves, but, accumulating, they begin to influence other worlds. We are a particle of the Universe, and that means, that we have influence on the events on our Planet. In order to fix this, we must move to a different level of development, to make a Quantum transition. We must learn to love, to give love to others, to be unselfish and to help those who need it. This should be the motto of life for everyone.  Our task is to eradicate evil in our Souls and to fulfill the Will of Heavenly Father.

The course I will be holding at the beginning of the year will give everyone an opportunity to evaluate themselves in a new way, to reveal their abilities, to rethink life and develop their consciousness.