Wave Genetics, Torsion Fields and Our World


We live in a rapid time. Let’s take the past 100 years for instance.  So many discoveries have been made, there are so many innovations in science and technology – in astronomy, biochemistry and physics! There are scientists who not only have a modern mind, but also an inner will and fearlessness, so they could give knowledge to humanity in spite of their personal interests and security! I would like you to read or listen to the works of Doctor of Biological Sciences Peter Gariaev, a very famous biogeneticist, who speaks and explains the existence of the Creator of the Universe in his works on the wave nature of the genome of organisms. Academicians Shipov and Akimov in their work on torsion fields and vacuum theory claim that everything is embedded in space in the form of torsion fields, where all information about everything is in so-called «spins» (rotation of information).

With the help of the forces of electromagnetism and gravity, information is entering the vacuum space, where forms are being created with the help of atoms and other particles.

Here is the main structure of the Universe and our Planet:

Consciousness is primary for the manifestation of any matter. The thought of Deity is primary information, as it created both humanity and everything around us! Scientists have proven that the birth of any particles in the Universe is happening with the help of information. Scientists claim that there is a single Universal Vacuum Torsion static field.  Every cell, atom, living and nonliving substance has its own torsion field. The torsion field is the spinning of changeable information. There are left and right torsion fields. The right one is northern and it is positive. The left one is southern and it is negative. The human has both of these fields in his body, each of our cells contain these fields. The scientists mentioned above are giving very valuable knowledge. For example, clairvoyance is nothing else, but work with torsion fields, the ability to read information from primary torsion fields.

Meditation is also a work with torsion fields. Knowing techniques and methods of this work, the human himself forms his future, combining information of torsion fields.

If we consider the state of vacuum, we will see that this emptiness emitted by wave particles of information of primary torsion fields, in which all particles are being born: molecules, atoms and other substances. Everything in the world consists of these particles. What God has conceived, he has created! And this is the truth!

Let’s return to Peter Gariaev and his theory to see how does it come that in our genetics we have the same sequence as in the Universe – each cell has a protein, the protein has metal enzymes that, like «antennas», are aimed at reading information from torsion fields, which are coming by wave electromagnetic oscillations. In its turn, information is prescribing in chromosomes and creating a glow in the infrared range. Our organism is so intelligent at the cellular level that it cannot exist without the Higher Mind. When a human (embryo) is conceiving, the cells are joining and then a certain drawing (matrix), a hologram of the future person, is being created, and it dictates the development of this person. For example, it dictates the strict sequence to synthesize protein as the building material of the organism, while each element must be strictly in its place! A very complex process that is going on only in two cells! Isn’t it true that we are like God and that the Universe is inside us?  It is a very complex organization of processes in our cells, which could not occur by itself! The organism is a cellular state that has superconsciousness. For example, photons have the ability of teleportation, and if there is information about a particular virus in one cell (photon), then all the other cells and photons will know about this virus immediately. Our cells communicate with each other very fast, even instantly. The concept of time in cells just disappears. Our nervous system absorbs a large amount of cellular information and transfers it to our organs. A human has 1,200,000,000 genes and only 30,000 are human genes. We have received all the rest in the process of evolution from microorganism to human, and that is why they are called junk genes, but they are exactly the ones that have the most important role in our organism. These genes have liquid crystals that fold into holograms. If a certain light is directed to the hologram, then a light volumetric image comes up – it is an exact scheme of the organism. Man was also created in the form of a hologram, and his evolution occurred according to the image of this idea of God. Peter Gariaev speaks about this very correctly and accurately from the science’s point of view. Information that is coming from space is prescribing in our body at the wave level in electromagnetic and acoustic radiation. Peter Gariaev also invented a device, with the help of which he received a unique phenomenon. With the help of a laser (infrared radiation), he was able to read information about the DNA of a healthy cell and to insert it into the DNA of a diseased cell of another person. The results are amazing! Sick organs were recovered within a month! This proves us once more that the information is primary, and it can be teleported from one cell to the whole organ! For example, with the help of a laser device, we took information from one cell of a healthy person’s pancreas, and then we sent it to another person’s cell whose same organ is sick, and month later the patient recovered. Peter Gariaev has opened the door to the path of longevity! But does these «weeds» need to grow and destroy the grain sown by God? On the other hand, maybe this discovery came just for the growth of the Divine grain.

Only God knows for sure.