How to open your heart for unconditional love

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If there is no love in the heart, it sleeps. The awakened heart realizes itself as the source of unconditional love, like love itself. This is what makes a person happy.

When a person is happy, he loves himself, loves the whole world. And vice versa - feeling love, we feel happy.

Therefore, it is impossible for a person with a closed, sleeping heart to be happy.


What binds the heart?


 - mind, its requirements, and conditions, a strong ego with a program of separation and confrontation with the whole world and other people;

 - education in conditional love, when the love of parents must be earned;

 - resentment, fears, aggression in all forms;

 - traps-illusions of the material world, inciting lower human nature;

 - mental suffering, which is always based on self-pity.


This is not all, but a lot that helps our heart to forget our true nature, which is love, which is our strength.

When we open it, we feel this strength, confidence, happiness. It dissolves fears, resentments, self-pity, ego conditions, and feelings of separation from others. All earthly riches and hobbies fade against its background.


These guidelines will help you reveal your unconditional love:


1. Realizing love in oneself - unlimited, unconditional, like the Love of God. In every situation, in every meeting, in every feeling, find in yourself the feeling and manifestation of this love. Begin to feel it in yourself always, and act through it.

Asking yourself questions: What would the love do now? What would the love say now?

For example, pitying yourself, ask yourself: What love would say to my pity?

When offended by someone, ask: What would the love do now? How would I act out of it?


Remember that when you think about this power of love, you are referring to the most powerful energy in this world - the energy of the Creator. For her there is no impossible, terrible, insurmountable, there is no more powerful, with which she would not cope, and there is nothing more kind, compassionate, merciful than this energy. And this power is in you.


  1. Appreciate for everything you have, for everything you meet in your life. The power of sincere gratitude opens the door to the energy of love in your heart. Having learned to thank everything and everyone around you, your heart will have peace, peace, trust, acceptance, joy. Then it can open up and reveal love in itself to everything around it!


  1. To reveal creative power is the ability to bring love.

True creativity is to bring the light of your inner love into the world. By finding your own way of creatively expressing your inner light, you will open love in your heart and expand it, giving the whole world around you! Remember that in the divine reality, which we often forget about, but in which we also live, to share something is to multiply and expand it. Therefore, your love-creativity will only increase your energy of love and a stormy stream will flow from a small stream over time.

Unconditional love does not require conditions, so do not expect anything. It is already in you, always!


Author: Natalia Rodina



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