Inna Pyshnaya, Odessa


Dear Natalia!

I am grateful to God for leading me to a meeting with You and for you putting your trust in me and taking me for a training. Knowledge and great opportunities to change my life became opened for me.

My life is actually changing. Gradually, my relations with daughters were improved. We have love and harmony between us now. They began to realize themselves in art, met good boyfriends who is treating me with love and respect too. I am becoming wiser, calmer, I have learned to understand and forgive people. Most importantly, I learned to part with anxieties and horrors. A miracle happened in my life, in an unusual way I found a sister on my father’s side, who I did not know about. I have never thought that I will find another family member in my age. My surroundings began to change; relations with many people were changing too, I have met people that were bright, sympathetic and good. Eventually, my health started to improve, and I refused to take some medications. Most importantly, I have received, and still receiving, priceless knowledge.  Thank you very much for everything. I am looking forward to meeting You again.