Irina, Odessa


Dear friends!

Sincerely and wholeheartedly, I express my gratitude to the Heavenly Father and the Creator for the meeting with Natalia, the extraordinary master of her work, a wonderful, bright and pure soul.

I am grateful for the knowledge that was brought to us, the people trying to get answers to many question, so patiently and lovingly.

I will not be talking about those miracles that already happened and the ones still happening in my life. I want to repeat the words of Natalia, “Our life is a reflection of our state of mind”. Trust me, this rule was tested and proven by life so many times.  

Thanks to the knowledge and mechanisms Natalia, our TEACHER, shared with us, we are spiritually developing, shaping the events of our lives and simply enjoying our lives, no matter what is happening. Do not ever doubt it – life is beautiful.

Again, THANK YOU for a meeting and the knowledge.