Upcoming open seminar in Moldova on April 2


On April 2 at 10:00 am (local time) Natalia Rodina will hold the open Seminar "KEYS to the NEW WORLD" in the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau.


What awaits you at the seminar?


Natalia Rodina will reveal knowledge about:

🔸how the reality of people's lives is changing, 
🔸about planetary transformations that will affect the life of all mankind, 
🔸and how to prepare for these changes and new social processes.


Information will be given about what awaits humanity in the near future, how life on the planet will change, in different countries and corners of the world, and how these global changes will affect the life of every person.


Planetary changes affect both the physiology of people and the level of consciousness and mental activity. 

So, Natalia Rodina, as a scientist, psychologist, and parapsychologist, will explain in simple terms:

🔸 what transformations occur with the consciousness and psyche of a person,
🔸how to properly prepare and adapt to them in order to avoid negative manifestations and consequences, and discover new abilities and feelings of perception necessary for a new reality.


And from the standpoint of science, Natalia Rodina will also explain the processes of transformation of the person himself: 

🔸how the physical bodies of people change, their genetics and body structure, 
🔸what health will depend on, 
🔸how to maintain high immunity in changing environmental conditions, 
🔸what needs to be done to give life to healthy children and maintain their health during transformational processes, 
🔸and how to learn how to manage your health and youthfulness of the body, and prolong the years of life.


🌟The seminar can also be attended by non-students of the center.

📲 Information and registration by phone: +39(389)146-05-31 (Dina)