A new group of the Basic Course "Energy of New Life" will start on March 20-24


Registration is still open for a new group of the Basic Course "Energy of New Life".

This is a program for unlocking superpowers and inner strength.

Duration of the course: 5 days (Monday to Friday), on March 20-24, each lesson lasts 3 hours, online on Zoom.


The course gives you the unique and most necessary knowledge and practices that will give you the opportunity to manage your inner state and the events of your life, your health, and the well-being of your family, to be protected even in conditions of unpredictability and uncertainty.



Day 1. Restoration of psycho-emotional state. The work with your energy fields.
The human energy system: subtle bodies, soul, consciousness, and mind. Energy connections between people. The wave structure of reality.

Day 2. Health: the principles of maintaining and restoring health. The laws of financial prosperity and how to solve financial problems. Basics of managing your reality (the formation of life events).

Day 3. Explanation of the process of death and after-death experience; subconscious programs of your past lives – how to annul and transform them. DNA programs.

Day 4. Hierarchy of divine spiritual beings who help people in development and spiritual growth. How to interact with them and get their help and guidance, receive high divine energy.
The structure of the planet, and the levels of reality. Other beings living on Earth and their influence on people. The history of the planet: the causes of contemporary human suffering.

Day 5. How to manage energies, thoughts, and emotions. The evolutionary tasks of mankind. Parallel worlds. Strengthen your energy power and elimination negative energy influences.

Every day during the course, Natalia Rodina gives theoretical knowledge and practices (sacred energy practices), and also works with all participants individually, restoring the psycho-emotional state and physical health, harmonizing the consciousness and energy state of all subtle bodies.


To study on the course, you must pass the selection:
Not everyone can attend training.
After applying, you must pass the selection (remotely). Natalia Rodina assesses the internal readiness of each person for this knowledge and practice.


Submit your application by phone or in messenger: 

+39 (389) 146 05 31 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)