Three online courses have finished this week


This week Natalya Rodina has provided three online courses – "Energy of New Life", "Quantum Transition" and "Practical Intuition".


With the basic course "Energy of New Life" training begins at the Personality Development Center of Natalia Rodina. This course provides fundamental knowledge that forms the basis of spiritual development, as well as basic energy practices. This is the basis for the further development of consciousness and preparation for stronger practices.


This program, developed by Natalia Rodina, is a concentration of the most important knowledge and special practices aimed at developing human consciousness, helping in solving the most important life tasks, answering questions about the origin of man and the structure of the Universe, determining the path of Spiritual development and comprehending the Great Secrets and Truths of being in the process personality evolution.


The course “Quantum Transition is a 3-day specialized course for students in the main spiritual development program.

In this course, the highest level knowledge is given about the changes that are taking place on the planet in connection with the preparation for the Quantum Transition, and about what awaits us in the future.


The knowledge and practice of the course is necessary for the correct and effective preparation for the energies and processes of the Quantum Transition, which is already taking place on the planet. They help and support students in this difficult period – not only through understanding all the processes that are taking place, but also energetically, increasing their vibrations. Practices in this course prepare a person's body and mind for life in the fourth and fifth spiritual dimensions. And they open up new opportunities for a person.


The Practical Intuition course lasts two days and is an additional course to the main training program.  Every spiritually developing person should reveal this superpower in himself and be able to develop his intuition.


This course teaches and trains to develop this ability as a skill that a person learns to use in everyday life.  And especially intuition becomes valuable at important moments in life, because it helps a person always make the right decisions.


More about all stages of training you can read here.


You can always find the schedule of future trainings in the Calendar of classes.