Two online courses will be held next week


Next week will start two courses: "Revealing the Ego nature" October 12-15 (beginning at 10:00)

and "Financial Success" October 12-14 (beginning at 15:00).


The course "Revealing the Ego nature" is necessary for every spiritually developing person, because it forms resistance to the influences of the Ego through subconscious programs and fears. Without overcoming this step of development, it is impossible for a person to achieve sustainable results in spiritual development, as well as to receive achievements in life well-being.


The “Financial Success” course is an auxiliary training for those who need to solve financial issues, reach the level of prosperity and abundance, learn to manage financial flows in their lives and create financial stability.


Recall that you can read more about all the stages of training here.


You can find the course schedule for October in the Class Calendar.