Taisiya Morkvina, Dnipro


Coming to this world, we set goals and objectives for ourselves, study and work, trying to build our material world, succeed in it and live in abundance.

This process makes us forget about another, spiritual world, about building a temple in our souls, from which Love and Kindness, understanding and respect, mercy and forgiveness, as well as other good qualities will come to our material world.


They bring happiness, joy, comfort to our homes and families into our lives!

I came to Natalia Vladimirovna Rodina to learn this not simple art - to manage the events of my life, to restore my health, to reveal in myself the perfection and abilities inherent in us by the Creator!


I am grateful to fate and Providence that I met such a Teacher as Natalia Vladimirovna on my life path! I am grateful to her with all my heart for her hard, selfless, but so necessary for all of us, work!


Taisiya Morkvina, economist, Dnipro