Oleg Malsky, Lvov


Like everything in our earthly life, I was born, wore diapers, learned to control the body, school, understanding that in life you need to do business, the cycle is like everyone else's, work is home-work-home, beer, friends, football. Sometimes I got tired of living a measured life, and I changed it to another measured life, looking, not understanding what, but I always wanted to find something, some truth.


I have been mediocre in painting with chatter for decades, selflessly threw himself off the rocks, wanting to learn to fly, I spent money on various nonsense and vulgar girls, I believed in patriotism and hated strangers. As a result, rejecting all this nonsense, I began to turn to the serene emptiness, where there are no worries, no troubles, nothing, I tried to kill my "Self" and merge with this emptiness.

And I ran along the tangled paths, and noticed in the light of the rays a saving path, a guide who opened my eyes, stuck together from delusions. Frankly, it was not easy for me, and what brought me in was cruel to me. But, as they say, "through thorns to the stars" - I would not understand the importance, the value of teaching the truth, which is now being taught by my spiritual mentor, whom I, without realizing, have been looking for all my life. In this world, there is a key to the realization of my eternity, which I found in the person of my teacher. She gave me something that I will never lose.

And now, every day I began to gain something, to grow, and I feel that my clothes are becoming small for me, acquiring more and more new and the most important thing is necessary knowledge, and not what is now stuffed like a scarecrow with hay in prestigious universities, strange, useless sciences. And it turned out that it is not so difficult to accept yourself as you are, without envy, resentment and anger. And rejoicing in people's achievements turns out to be so nice. 
Now a few words about spiritual practices. Meditations brought me peace of mind, a world where you plunge into infinity, realizing that you are a part of the universe, a part of God, who threw you with loving fatherly hands like a baby, and you laugh happily and are not afraid to fall, now you are not afraid of anything. And without fear, there is no anxiety, no control over yourself, throwing off the shackles of eternal desires imposed on you by society.

Previously, my life was wasted, and the years I lived did not add experience, and I began to understand that everything, what I have will at some point become ashes, and from that moment the search for the highest good of life began. To do this, you need to focus your mind on the absolute truth. By letting this truth into your heart, you find your original I, filled with joy and light.

For all that is priceless and eternal that I now have and that I gain with experience, I am only grateful to one person, my guide and spiritual mentor - this is Natalya Vladimirovna Rodina. And of course to the Lord, our Father who loves us infinitely, although we do not always deserve it. I give the blessing to you.