Our Center has created a new direction to open new opportunities for modern youth


Today's children, adolescents, and young people have a much greater potential of energy, abilities, and opportunities. And very many children are now being born with open supernormal abilities because the era of Aquarius has begun on the planet - the time of the spiritual development of mankind.

And now it is very important for young people to direct their potential in creative directions, and not to waste it in vain or on self-destruction.


Indeed, now there are a lot of opportunities for them to realize themselves, but there are also a lot of traps.

Many young people do not know how to find themselves, how to reveal and realize their potential, how to choose a field of activity they like, how to become successful in this difficult world. And not finding answers, they fall into the traps of video games, social networks, and other harmful activities and addictions.


But there is another way – the development of their energetic capabilities, the disclosure of their superpowers, divine energy potential.

The new era and new energies of our time open up endless possibilities for young people!


They can very quickly and easily discover new talents and superpowers, learn about the structure of the world and the Universe, make the greatest scientific discoveries and inventions, and much more!


Our Personality Development Center has created one of its directions precisely for this purpose - to open these opportunities for modern youth.


The first online training will be held by our Studio of Contemporary Psychology in December:


December 27-29 at 17:00 Kyiv time (duration 1 hour)


Young people from 16 to 30 years old are invited (students of the Center for Personal Development or their children and grandchildren).

Share this opportunity with them - discover a new world of possibilities in yourself!


☝️ After the end of classes, at the expense of the Studio of Contemporary Psychology in the new year 2022, a live meeting will be organized for all students who have passed the webinar.


❗ To enroll in a group - write in Viber with a personal message Dina Leonidovna

on the number: +38 096 210 72 99 the following information:

Full name, Country / Сity, age, mob. phone number, email address.