Training in English


As you know, the activities of our Personality Development Center are expanding. The knowledge that Natalia Rodina teaches is needed by the whole world. Our community is growing. More and more people from many countries are striving to get them.


At present, students from 37 countries are studying at Natalia Rodina’s Personality Development Center. And since 2020, training is provided online, training has become available to more people.


That is why Natalia Rodina began to conduct training for English-speaking people. 


In July, the first English-speaking group of the Basic level graduated from the training. And this is just the beginning. We strive to make our training accessible to people from any country.


Now, at the Personality Development Center, which is headed by Natalia Rodina, training takes place in Russian and in English. The training program in English is fully consistent with the original program.


Natalia Rodina also conducts all courses for English-speaking students personally, with parallel translation into English of all lectures and practices.


As in Russian-language courses, everyone who wants to study with Natalia Vladimirovna must pass her selection to determine the internal readiness for this level of knowledge and practice.


For all questions of training in English, call or write:

+380965056210 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram) - Olga


We also created a Facebook page in English, where we publish news, articles, and video by Natalia Rodina with translation into English.


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