International Conference "STAGES OF THE QUANTUM TRANSITION" in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, September 12, 2021


"Evolution is inevitable, and the one who understood this won his main victory in life" - under this slogan, on September 12, 2021, in Vinnytsia city (Ukraine), an international scientific conference "Stages of a Quantum Transition" was held, at which the organizer of this event Natalia Vladimirovna Rodina in a public form told about the most complex processes of influencing the inner state of a person of a new energy wave caused by the transition of the planet into the fourth dimension of space.


Natalia Rodina paid particular attention to the processes affecting each person during the passage of the stages of the Quantum Transition and gave recommendations and advice that will help humanity to adapt to the energy of the new time in the future. She urged those present to be aware and have psycho-emotional stability when exposed to external circumstances and shared the secrets of how to resist the collective unconscious and not fall into its traps.


Natalia Vladimirovna also answered numerous questions from her students and guests present. Among them were those who happily shared their experiences and achievements in the process of spiritual development, the experience of miraculous healings, thanks to the practices and techniques of Natalia Rodina.


Students from different countries and continents came to the conference, having covered hundreds and thousands of kilometers, so that for the first time, after online lectures on the Internet, they could personally meet their Teacher!


The crowded hall (more than 500 people) had a warm, friendly, family atmosphere. Pupils who came from other countries said: "It feels like we have returned home after a long journey."


The whole hall was filled with warmth, he literally "breathed" LOVE!!! The meeting with the Teacher was very anxious, sensual, filled with LOVE of Natalia Rodina and her students, high vibrations filled every cell - those present literally bathed in them, and some even instantly healed from their ailments!


In the final part of the conference, there was a drawing of prizes filled with the energy of the Teacher!

At the end of the conference, the audience gave a standing ovation. Many saw off Natalia Rodina with tears in their eyes. There was a feeling that the whole hall at some moment became a single whole as if all souls merged into one. The applause did not subside for a long time in the hall, and no one wanted to leave ...


Article author: Lyudmila Olenyuk