Initial course of development for children


July 5 to 8 Natalia Vladimirovna Rodina will conduct a Basic course of development for children (from 10 to 18 years old).


In this course Natalia Rodina gives children the basis of spiritual knowledge, correct perception of the world and human nature, understanding the right relationships in the family, and of course basic meditation practices.


Also, the teacher conducts energy work to restore the health of each child.


Classes are held for 4 days from 10 AM to 1 PM (Kyiv time) online on the Zoom platform.


Important conditions for participation:


1. Only children and grandchildren of the students of the Natalia Vladimirovna Rodina's Personal Development Center are accepted for this course. Only in this case when the parents own and apply this knowledge in their lives is the spiritual development of children possible. Without the understanding and support of parents or at least grandparents, children will not be able to apply the knowledge gained. Therefore, first, it is necessary to educate the parents, and then teach the children.


2. Children are accepted for training only if they wish to study. Parents do not need to force their children to learn if they do not have such an aspiration.


All detailed information and enrollment by phone +380962107299 (Dina Leonidovna)