The War Within Us || Conversations about the Eternal, April 2, 2022


In the author's program of TV journalist Dina Gandzyuk, during the conversation, psychologist Natalia Rodina talks about what creates the prerequisites for the destruction of the human psyche, the formation of aggression, and, as a result, war on the subtle and physical plane!



✅ world-famous Ukrainian psychologist, parapsychologist, Ph.D. in Psychology, bioenergy therapist, medium, spiritual teacher,

✅ academician (full member) of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine, researcher of anomalous phenomena of consciousness,

✅ full member of the International Association of Non-Traditional Methods of Treatment,

✅ founder and head of the INTERNATIONAL PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT CENTER at the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine in Kyiv, Ukraine, since 2010.


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