How to get rid of diseases?

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How to get rid of diseases?

Firstly, let us discover, what is a disease? It is a disruption in the energy balance in the human body.

We have three main bodies: the first one is mental, the second – astral, and the third – physical. So primary body is mental, and if there is dysfunction in it, our astral body suffers too. All of it leads to suffering of physical body, which is causing diseases.


When we are working with our primary body – mental – as a result, our physical organism recovers.

For this purpose, my colleagues and I, we have developed a variety of practices and techniques, with help of which a person gets rid of diseases.

As a rule, all diseases are treated and it is very rare, when a person has done so much harm to himself with his way of living, that he is predetermined, and there is no time to correct mistakes.