Valentina Voykova, Odessa


It is said that the teacher appears when the student is ready. So, it was in my life - I quite by accident, as I thought before, turned on the TV and saw a very pleasant woman who spoke about the problems that had worried me for a long time and how to solve them.

I went to a general seminar, which Natalya Vladimirovna Rodina spent in Odessa, and since then I have not "parted" with this woman, I have never missed a single occasion of meeting with her.


I completed the 0,1,2 stages of development, as well as additional courses-training: " Healing"," Viruses of consciousness "," Quantum transition "," Intuition "and" Financial success". All the knowledge that Natalia Vladimirovna gives, I absorb like a sponge, I try not to miss a single lesson or course, therefore that I understood WHAT IS THIS KNOWLEDGE.


I am very grateful to the Lord for meeting this beautiful woman, our earthly Teacher, who brings light and love to our souls and hearts, provides mechanisms with which you can improve your health and their loved ones, to establish relationships in the family - with children or with a husband (wife), arrange your personal life, solve financial problems, as well as shape your future, make our city, Ukraine and the whole world cleaner (spiritually) and kinder, restore peace in the whole world. And this is not a fairy tale. These mechanisms really work and give great results.


Here's one of my examples. I was drawing up an inheritance and I had to do a real estate appraisal. The apartment is small - 21 square meters, dead, without repair, and also a common corridor after the fire, an unsightly sight, but no one wanted to leave to see all this. They explained to me that now everything is done in offices on the spot, based on the average cost of an apartment in the area. In my case, it turned out 220-250 thousand UAH. Well, and accordingly the tax had to be paid - 5% i.e. 11-12.5 thousand UAH, but it was not worth the money and it did not suit me. Having worked out this situation in practice, in the end I was assessed the apartment according to its real state - 100 thousand UAH, although initially I was told that it was not real!

The Lord has nothing impossible. Ask, and it shall be given to you!!


How few people - with a "spring" Soul:

Cool .., clean .., starry - big !!! ...

And how nice it is to live with them and meet,

To create together and to communicate spiritually !!! ...

 ... It is a great honor to know you,

 ... Whose souls are not "trampled" by boots, ...

After all, the dirt will not stick to the crystal Soul,

 ... That GOD is "marked" in life, already !!! ...

 ... THANKS - for the time, attention, friendship,

 ... For warm meetings, for a Bright Soul !!! ...

 ... I wish to create and walk along the roads,

 ... Where is the wandering of life " marked with "GOD!


Looking forward to meeting you again !!!!!