How to get rid of fear?

Советы о жизни

If you could just snap your fingers and there is no fear, how wonderful it would be! But it’s not that simple. FEAR IS THE PROGRAM with which the first people began their stage of evolution. It sits so deeply in the subconscious, it is present in almost all processes of human thinking, life, choice, and reality.
My friends, it is possible to free yourself from fears. I can tell you this with full responsibility.
But in order to get rid of fear, you need to have something in which you believe so strongly that no fear could convince you otherwise and create this frightening state for you.
🔸And what is it that one must believe in and what one can rely on and hope for in order to even defeat all programs of fear?
My friends, this is the knowledge of the Higher Mind. Knowledge of the Higher Mind, which explains absolutely everything – the nature of man, his capabilities, and other processes. And this knowledge not only provides information, but this knowledge opens up superpowers for you.
And when you understand that fear itself is what prevents them from opening up, and you realize fear as the most destructive for yourself, only then you begin to learn and do everything to get rid of this program.
🔸It is impossible to explain such a process, such a program as fear, and how to get rid of it in two phrases. This is the complex process of working on yourself. For this, you need knowledge and practice, and will, and stability, and the help of someone, and the example of other people who succeeded in this, who could cope with it, who have already got rid of it. Much is needed for this.
Don't forget that humanity has been living in a state of fear for a very long time, for many centuries and epochs. And look at the current state of society. Humanity continues to live in this state. In news, television broadcasts, only fear is shown – disasters, various destructive processes that further increase fear in you.
Now it is necessary at least to change this information and remove it from the media. Or at least you yourself stop looking at this information, which reinforces your fears.
🔸 Start watching good films, good videos, reading good books, listening to harmonious music, thinking good thoughts, thinking positively, constructively, becoming positive, creative, joyful, happy people, planning their wonderful life!
Do it, change yourself!
Work on your emotions, thoughts, and inner states.
Yes, it's work. But it frees you up!
And I know for sure that it is possible to free oneself from fears and live freely, in joy, confidence, and happiness.
With love ❤
Natalia Rodina