Rodina Natalia

Psychologist, modern theologist, parapsychologist, researcher of anomalous phenomena of consciousness, medium, active member of the Association of nontraditional treatment methods, academician of the Ukrainian State Academy of Technological Science.

She is the founder and the director of the Center of the Personal Development under the Ukrainian Academy of Technological Science.

Education: Master Degrees in economy, psychology and special medical degree from Kiev National Medical University.

More than 20 years ago Natalya started her studies and still continue her research in modern theology, cosmology, wave genetics, basics of quantum physics, astrology, extra sensorineural abilities and potentiality of human, ancient knowledge of the sacred geometry and healing approach of ancient healers. During her continuing process of gaining new knowledge, the best methods from different fields were brought together in the one original system of education, that consist of the different stages of human consciousness development and gives maximum effect on health improvement.