Where is the Truth?



Hello, Natalia!

My name is Alexey. For like a year I have been trying to figure out where the right knowledge of the structure of the world is and to determine a religion that actually acts on behalf of God.

But I am always getting disappointed. Every church, every book, every internet preacher are screaming that only they are the right ones! But all of them cannot be right at the same time?

Where is the Truth?


Regards, Alexey.

27 y/o, driver from Kharkov


Answer of Natalia Rodina:

Truth is everywhere! It is inside you and around you, it is in your DNA and it is in your consciousness. It is in the bowels of the Earth, in the Cosmos and in your heart, it is everywhere!


To answer your question, I want to say that I have been searching for Truth for more than 15 years. During this period, I have delved into many sciences. I studied and worked with Agni Yoga, with the method of Jose Silva, and I studied palmistry and astrology, as well as deeply seen into the Bible and Urantia, seeking to know God. You will be surprised, but I will tell you that all these sciences are Truth, and all of them is the manifestation of God.


Thing is that we only study them depending on our development and level of consciousness, and depending on how ready are we to perceive and understand the science of God. We need to combine all this knowledge and to highlight the main things from it.


Understanding this, I concluded that we need to understand and explain Truth on three levels – from the viewpoints of science, philosophy and religion. And by combining them, we can see a true picture of being and awareness of both our World and the Universe. After realizing this, a person passes to the level of higher consciousness and understanding, turning to the mechanisms of sacred geometry, to his consciousness and unconscious level (subconscious), to the sciences of torsion fields and quantum physics. All this is also Divine Knowledge.


In addition, I want to say that there is a beginning to development and knowledge, but there is no end. And that is the plan for the search for Truth, the main thing is not to dwell and not to stop in cognizing. It is necessary to comprehensively study all applied sciences, as well as philosophy and religion, and to know the history of our Planet and the Universe.


If you have a request for development, then teachers will certainly appear in your life.

Listen to your heart, and it will tell you where to look for Truth and who to learn from. Just do not be caught by any sect or obsessive teachings, which will promise you quick insight and healing, a set of rules and strict observance of them. Trust me, nothing serious could happen quickly and simply, and in the circles of static and very old prohibitions of religions there can be no development of personality, and therefore there can be no comprehension of the Truth!


There are many things in our world to look for and get for the Soul, but also there are things that you should stay away from and leave them.


I wish you success and improvement!