Do you lift off evil eye, curses, etc.?

Life Tips

Good afternoon, Natalia Rodina! I want to ask you this question: do you lift off evil eye, curses, etc.?

Nina, 47 y/o, Kyiv.

Dear Nina, what you call «evil eye», «curse», etc. is nothing more than the work of subconscious programs that were imposed on you against your will by other person. I transform these programs in my work. At the end of the session, I also establish a protective hologram that protects a person for a certain period. If someone will tell you that they have a defense on their whole life, it would not be truth! In space, changes occur every second, and it means that changes also occur both in the information field of a person and in his hologram. I teach people to establish protective energy systems on their own, so they will not fall under the destructive effects of negative influences.