Do You help every person that comes to you?

Life Tips

Nowadays, there are many different healers, sorcerers, magicians in the seventh tribe, granddaughters and great-granddaughters of Vanga, Messing’s nephews, etc.

Each one of them promises to solve ANY of my problems, they only need me to come!

Do you help every person that comes to you?

Andrey, engineer, 38 y/o from Kyiv.

Andrey, in my work, I apply special techniques for the restoration of the human organism. I teach these techniques to my patients and students who have the desire to activate their abilities and thereby help themselves and others. Of course, these mechanisms are unique and they work flawlessly, but I do not give them to every person that comes to me.

I have to refuse some people. Usually, these people are those who are already predetermined by the affairs of their lives, and they do not want to accept it, but they want to transfer their mistakes to me or to blame someone else for it. They have lost the connection between mind and soul; they do not want to recognize their mistakes and delusions. The human Ego, pride, arrogance does not allow them to take responsibility for their lives. Entangled in illusion, they do not want to accept the reality of the Divine world; they are always angry, they sow destruction and envy around themselves – it is almost impossible to help a person in such a state! I do not treat nor teach such patients, but I explain their current condition to them, I provide them information about possible course of events in their lives, and then I give them a term and send them back to make their own decision. Unfortunately, many such people come to me.

I also refuse those who do not want to follow my recommendations for cleaning and restoring their organism, because my assistance in such cases would be temporary. If after passing my course of treatment, a person returns to his further poisoning of the organism, and then again comes to me to put a «patch», why would anyone need this running in a circle? Maybe he needs those Magicians and Sorcerers you are talking about, and they would be happy to accept him!