How do you find out the future of people?



How do you discover the future of people?
Do you use any cards, amulets or anything else?


Nina Korzun, 58 y.o, pensioner from Zaporozhye


Answer of Natalia Rodina:

In order to discover the future of a person, it is necessary to enter his information
field where all the events that may or may not happen in his life are laid. This
information is beyond time and space. Depending on the person’s deeds, one or
another event comes into his life.


Of course, after seeing these ways of events, I tell people about them, and after that,

the person itself decides which way to follow. Sometimes, I see which events are

predetermined, and there is nothing can be done to change it.


As a rule, it is related to the inner state of a person in present and a set of critical mass

of certain life processes that have formed a stable karma, and it is incredibly difficult

to avoid its influence. It is hard to talk about such events and often it is useless,

but if there is even the slightest hope for such a person, I will provide him only way

that can change the course of events, if he has a willful desire to do so.


It is funny for me to talk about cards, rosary, hare paws or other types of magic
inventory – these are the attributes of a TV shows about psychics, and it has
nothing to do with real activity.