Are you aware of your responsibility?


Explain to me, why people who have seen a little piece of picture of the world declare themselves healers, teachers and they believe that they have the right to fix people’s brains. This information might be dangerous for some persons. Are you aware of your responsibility?

Elena, 24 y/o, from Surgut.


Answer of Natalia Rodina:

Dear Elena!


I do not always answer questions containing obvious ignorance, envy or open rudeness, especially when they come without a return address. But I wanted to answer your question, because I feel that you are looking forward to an answer.


Firstly, it would be good if you had read as many materials of the site as possible. Then, probably, the question of "setting the brains" will disappear. Because you will see that the basic principle we unquestionably fulfill is «Freedom of Will and Right of Choice». That means that no one is forcing or intimidating anyone. All materials, including courses, are of an informational nature and everyone is offered an independent Path to the development and search for Truth.


Perhaps, the only exception is our unambiguous attitude to drugs, alcohol and smoking in any form of its manifestation – we are strongly explaining to people that these are the ways of destruction, degradations and death of a person’s personality, as well as path of illness and grief of his future heirs.


Secondly, you were talking about my depth of knowledge, saying «…people who have seen a little piece of picture of the world…». Maybe you could judge by visiting at least one of my courses, but you have just slandered me. Perhaps, if you have a wider knowledge, I would have been pleased to learn from you, so you can give me your contact address.


Now let’s talk about the most important thing – responsibility. You are absolutely right, saying that information could be dangerous for some persons. That’s why I am interviewing a person before taking them on my courses in order to determine his mental state and the possibility of developing his personality. Unfortunately, I have to refuse many of them or accept only to the first stages of courses, which does not have any complex practices, but they are giving basics of self-regulation and simple mechanisms for maintaining physical health.


Just look at today’s world, Elena! Look at the people around you and think about responsibility too – you could sit in your corner, not touching anyone, multiplying Evil and resentment at everyone and everything or you could help people to see the ray of Light in this thickening darkness!

The choice is yours!


I am grateful for your question, and I wish you to have joy and love, perfection and prosperity.

Be happy!