Lyudmila, Vinnitsa, Ukraine: Unfortunately, people have learned to deceive even themselves


Dear friends! I have been studying with Natalia Vladimirovna for a long time and over the years I have repeatedly shared miracles about my life. And today I want to tell you how the knowledge gained miraculously changes the lives of my clients. I work as a psychologist and in my work, I have to use superpowers, since any problem has a reason, and without understanding the reason it is impossible to help a person. Often a client comes with one problem, but in reality, it turns out that this is the last straw, and you need to see the beginning of this event - the reason for what is happening. Unfortunately, people have learned to deceive even themselves, and instead of solving a vital task, they beat around and around it and look for the guilty ones.


I work in a medical institution, and recently doctors have begun to send patients to me who, after courses of treatment, have no result. Once a woman came in with a stomach ulcer and after two sessions she got better. It turns out that she could not "digest" the relationship with her father. Children's grievances, claims, discontent and misunderstanding did not allow her to live in peace in her family. I taught her to work on forgiveness and immediately there was a result.


Or, for example, an 11-year-old girl who lost her mother came in with urinary incontinence. In this case, it took 6-7 sessions for the girl to “recover”. It's good that the doctor turned out to be a conscious person and did not prescribe a list of chemicals but immediately sent the girl to me.


The girl, as it turned out, has superpowers and communicates with the soul of her mother, who gives her advice. But she was afraid to tell someone about it, because she once told her grandmother, and she took her to the priest to cast out demons ...

There are many different stories.


And now I want to talk a little about the specifics of my work.


Before meeting a person, I always turn to the Creator to give me the information that will help me see the reason for what is happening, then I ask “to put into my mouth exactly the words that a person is able to hear.” Information comes to me in different ways - in the form of pictures, images, a clear thought with the understanding that this is really so or there is a clear conviction and understanding of what is happening, sometimes the names of people related to the situation simply come. I understand that everything depends on the internal state and the degree of trust of the person who applied for help. Sometimes in the process of work, information about the state of health of this person appears on its own, and sometimes I feel the pain of those organs that are bothering him at that time.


Therefore, it is very important for a psychologist to have skills in working in healing and other intermediate courses (“Parapsychology”, “Intuition”, “Clairvoyance”, etc.) since work experience shows that the knowledge gained in different courses is interconnected and works simultaneously in different aspects of life.


In the course on "Expansion of Consciousness," Natalia Vladimirovna taught me how to use a new mechanism, with the help of which in a matter of minutes you can restore diseased organs and systems of the human body, improve your internal state, instantly relieve fatigue, pain, lower the temperature, etc. Those who have already mastered this mechanism know exactly what I am writing about.


I approach each client individually, based on how much a person craves help, his willingness to work and receive information. Many clients are interested in how it all works, they say that you need to have a "gift" from God. I say that superpowers are not a “gift”, but human nature, they just hide this information from people. I give information about the sites and programs of the Teacher on YouTube.


Now among our students, I meet my former clients, many of whom then doubted their abilities, and now they know the truth and live wonderful lives, benefiting the world.

I am very grateful to Natalia Vladimirovna for the knowledge gained.


Friends, apply them in your life, believe in your abilities because they truly have no limits!


Lyudmila Olenyuk, 4th stage, Vinnitsa