What is Success?

Questions and answers

How to be successful? What is success? Just think of it! Everyone will have their own answer to this question! Of course, success is determined by many factors, which depend on our life choices and desires. In order to be successful, we must let go of many different problems. “How?” you will ask. The main force here is the Divine laws, which we may not even know about, but we for sure live by them!

If we violate these laws, it means we will suffer and sustain defeats, but if we observe the laws, we will live in harmony with the world and ourselves, gaining Victories. Many of my patients, «living up to the edge», come to me and tell me how good they were, how they help other people, etc. 15 minutes into the conversation, and it becomes very clear that the help this person speaks about is not help at all. «I helped you, and now you will owe me for your whole life». I will tell you that this is not help, and nothing good awaits for such person. Jesus said, «When you do merciful deeds, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing». He speaks about selfless help, and if this is done by us selflessly, then our reward will come immediately and it will manifest itself in this Success, which we desire so much. Jesus Christ is the ideal standard for us in our lives. If we will learn from him and thereafter we will apply this teaching in everyday life, then we will not only not suffer, but we will reach a high level of perfection and development. This is the teaching I give on courses. We can talk a lot, dear reader, but the whole point is what are our thoughts and actions? Our Success in life depends on how clean and unselfish they are! Doing merciful deeds for somebody, we should experience boundless joy, because we are on with our Heavenly Father. And if it is good for you, then it is good for me. When sick and suffering people come to me, I also suffer and worry. A great desire and a sole purpose of my work is to help the human soul and its body! I am so happy, when the result of this help comes, and the person becomes a step closer to God! This moment, in the highest degree, is a reward for me! Thank God! I love you all very, very much!